Let the Celebration of  Europe's Greatest Sporting Event
                            Continue.  Order All Three Wonderful CD'S With Music 
                            Performed By Various Artists.  

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EURO 2000 MUSIC - Order Now!
This historic CD features 21 songs
commemorating Europe's greatest
sporting event!

EURO 2000 MUSIC - Order Now!
Another classic CD featuring various
artists presenting a musical celebration
of the football event of the summer!

EURO DANCE 2000 - Order Now!
You can also order this wonderful CD
although it is currently out of stock. Your
order will be processed promptly upon
receipt of stock. Click above for more
info and to reserve your copy.

                   New! New! New!
European Soccer & Rugby Magazine Stand
Now you can subcribe to all of the world's best
football & rugby magazines in this newest store
added in the mall.  You'll find the magazines of
your favorite teams such as Chelsea, Rangers
and many more.  This is also the perfect place
to renew your magazine subscription!

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