Master Manuel E. Adrogué

About Master Manuel E. Adrogué
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Manuel E. Adrogué practices and teaches Taekwondo in Buenos Aires. A student under Master Pedro Florindo,in
2003 he tested for his 5th Dan before Pittsburgh-based Master Kong, Young Bo and is certified under GrandMaster
Kong, Young Il. He follows a traditional approach to Taekwondo training, with emphasis on technical detail in the
execution of basic technique, self-defense, sparring, forms and breaking. He has had the chance to train or take
seminars from Gen. Choi Hong-Hi, Ji Han-Jae, S. Henry Cho, Kim Pyung-Soo, Park Hae-Man, Cho Hee-Il,
Hwang Hyun-Chul, Choi Kwang-Jo, and Jun Chong, among other famous Korean masters. An active business
lawyer, he is also a researcher and author on martial art history and technique when not sharing family life with his
wife and four children. His website is

History of Taekwomdo in Argentina
by Master Manuel E. Adrogué


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