Angel Aranzamendi

Master Aranzamendi started martial arts training in 1978. From the very beginning Master A showed
a love and passion for Taekwondo. He spent every available momment training for competitions and
to earn his Blackbelt. He obtained his 1st degree blackbelt in 1990 under Master Han Won Lee.
And under an Olympians' tutalage Master A soared in the competitive field in the USA. Master A is
a two time US National Champion (1992 & 1993) and 4 time USA B team Member as well as 1994
USA Fly Wt. Team Member. Yet for all his competitive achievements Master A credits Senior Master
Lee and the dicipline of Taekwondo for his drive to succeed in life. But Master Aranzamendi states that
the final element that has completed his life is his wife Dena and his children Nicole & Nathan. As a father
he now understands the love and importance parents have for the children he teaches at ACT. Master A's
goal is to pass on these feelings of success and accomplishment on to his students. And he wants to teach
the way Master Han Won Lee taught his example. Master A believes that if his students try to
emulate his example they will stay away from drugs and peers that may lead them astray and that they
will become champions in sport and life!


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