Bok Man Kim
Father of Taekwon-do In Brunei
About Bok Man Kim

The Passports of Kim Bok Man

   Eight (8) of the nine (9) original passports issued to GrandMaster Bok Man Kim who is consid-
    ered by many persons outside of the USA to be to founder of Taekwon-do is South East Asia.
    It was revealed recentlty that Kim Bok Man is actaully the Technical founder of  Taekwon-do.
    He personally provided General Choi Hong Hi guidance on the techniques which appeared in
    the General's first book.  He introduced Taekwondo to nearly every country in South East Asia.
    He created his own style called Chun Kuhn Do which means "The Complete Wellness Art" .
    He will soon release a five (5) volume set on his art.  - Visual artifact donated by Bok Man Kim


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