Exclusive Interview with Jet Asia Limited CEO, Chuck Woods

Following is LaCancha's exclusive interview with Jet Asia Limited CEO, Chuck Woods. Chuck provided us an in-depth look into Jet Asia and the services that they offer to LaCancha's readers. He explains the advantages of chartering private jets before, during and after the upcoming World Cup. He also tells why Jet Asia is known as the "Air Limousine of Asia."

Q: Mr. Woods, please tell our readers about Jet Asia and your services.
A: Jet Asia has operated a fleet of corporate jet aircraft in Macau since 1995. The company was established to provide flexible, on-demand air charter throughout Asia and worldwide. Since flying in Asia can be a bit more complex than other parts of the world, we're pleased to be considered expert in this region by our clients. On-demand charters are different than flying scheduled airline flights. Trips are planned according to our clients' schedules, with changes to itineraries often made during the trip. The safety and security of our passengers is our first priority. We provide state-of-the-art security procedures, honoring the discretion that is often demanded by our traveling groups. And since ours is a VIP service, clients can choose from a number of creative menus or can design menus of their choice. Onboard amenities include audio and video CD's, inflight phones and fax capabilities

Q: Why is Jet Asia known as the "Air Limousine of Asia?"
A: Your readers know that the difference between limousines, taxis and buses is the customized door-to-door service. Ours is a tailored limousine service with premium jet aircraft. Our Canadair Challengers carry up to 10 or 12 passengers in a cabin that most people can stand up in. The service rivals or exceeds that of airlines' first class. And since our clients are handled as a group, we're able to streamline handling in Immigration and Customs, with no waiting for tickets or bags, and ground transportation conveniently available before and after each flight.

Q: So what can you do for World Cup travelers?
There are 22 playing venues between Japan and South Korea at this year's World Cup. Although the region's airlines will provide coverage, many travelers will opt for private jet charters before, during and after the event. Jet Asia's schedulers and crews are very experienced in operations in Japan and South Korea. We take the hassles out of travel in the region. We've also spoken with a number of parties that plan to travel throughout Asia before and after the games. Our aircraft will get them to their destinations quickly and safely, maximizing their time before they get onto airliners to go back home.

Q: Tell us a little more about your aircraft, Chuck.
A: Our Challenger's deliver stand-up cabins with 10 and 12 seats. The aircraft interiors are quite premium, with sleeping accommodations available. Because of the amount of passenger traffic in Asia during the World Cup, we also offer four Lear jets, as provided by our partners, Subic Air in Manila. Their Lears handle up to 6 passengers on shorter legs than the Challengers. Again, you fly where and when you want to fly, in a comfortable and secure environment.

Q: Where is Jet Asia located?
A: Our home base is in Macau, the Special Administrative Region of China that was transitioned back from Portugal in 1999. With operations from Macau, we're convenient to Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan and Taiwan. We've recently opened a base in Bangkok, giving us price and operating flexibility throughout Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and all of Southeast Asia. And of course, Subic Air's Lear jets are based in Manila, giving us added flexibility with light jets throughout the region.

Q: Chuck, tell us about your future plans for LaCancha's readers.
A: This year's World Cup support is just the beginning of this exciting partnership. We'll be adding larger and smaller aircraft to our fleet to provide better service throughout Asia. We'll also be adding travel and tour packages for your readers to enjoy some of the most unique adventures in this region. While many of your readers will take advantage of our cost-effective programs for business trips, others will find our packaged tour offerings equally attractive. Look for these packages in the upcoming months … including Macau gambling, Thailand and Philippines golfing, diving, visits to Asian cultural sites, and more.

Q: Does Jet Asia have advantages over other operators in Asia?
A: We're one of the very few executive charter companies that weathered the Asian financial crisis in the late 1990's. Because we're called upon to fly to nearly any location in the world, our network of partners and ground support services is quite extensive. Ours is a multi-national company with pilots and mechanics from all over the globe. All hold the highest credentials in the industry, and pilots attend recurrent simulator training in the USA every six months. Our commitment to you is a safe, reliable, premium product … with no compromise.

Q: How do LaCancha readers learn more about your services?
A: The best way is by clicking the link provided below. That will take you to the Jet Asia website, where you can see photos of the aircraft and learn more about our services. For your convenience, we've added an easy-to-use trip quote estimator to our home page. This allows you to select departure and destination points, and get a price that's close to the actual quotation provided by our world-class schedulers. Of course, theirs is the exact price, but the online capability is quite handy for planning purposes. Jet Asia has also opened an office in the USA for the convenience of business and leisure travelers from Europe and the Americas. You'll find those contact numbers on our website.

Q: Any final comments for our readers, Chuck?
A: Jet Asia is excited about this new partnership with LaCancha. We recognize that football (soccer, in some parts) is the biggest sport on the planet. We also recognize that football fans come from all walks of life and have a variety of different interests. As we provide custom jet charters for the World Cup in Asia, we're only beginning to support LaCancha's readers. Our commitment to your readers is to provide flexible business and leisure travel solutions throughout Asia. We look forward to hearing what your readers want and need from us in Asia, and would like to close this interview by sharing our mission statement with you …

"Jet Asia Limited is committed to being the premier
Aviation Management and Executive Charter Service
in Asia by providing our clients and customers with
the finest service available anywhere in the world."

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