Master Hwang Ho Yong
Czech Taekwon-Do Federation ITF

Taekwon-Do has been practiced in the Czech Republic since 1987, and nowadays, all Czech Taekwon-Do
ITF trainees are associated with the Czech Taekwon-Do Federation ITF (address: Zátopkova 100/2, P.S. 40,
Prague 6 - Strahov, 160 17, tel.: +420 257 224 209, at more than 30 registered
schools. Teaching supervision in the Czech Republic is provided by Korean master Hwang Ho Yong
(8th Degree) since 1987, who as the only one in the Czech Republic, is entitled to award technique degrees to

Recently, the first trainees in the Czech Republic were awarded with 5 Degree, which is, presenty, the highest
achieved grade awarded in the Czech Republic. Therefore, since 1992, the Czech Republic has had its own
highly successful Taekwon-Do ITF representatives (i.e. Jaromír Michl - World Champion T-KI (1999
Argentina,2003 Greece, 2005 Australia); Radka Dlouhá (Heydušková) - 1994 World Champion in matsogi,
Malaya; Jan Mracek, Michal Košátko - 2005 World Champions in matsogi, Australia; Jirí Hovorka - our first
Junior World Champion in matsogi, 1995 Poland. Taekwon-Do ITF belongs along with other very successful
sports in the Czech Republic and there has been dedicated special care toward future representatives and
gifted trainees. Due to its success, Czech Taekwon-Do ITF has entered the top of the world's best in
Taekwon-Do and has gained the respect of the entire world (during the latest European Championship in Italy,
the Czech Republic was awarded with 9 gold medals and achieved the silver position in Europe). A
considerable degree of respect and admiration is deserved by the master Hwang Ho Yong, who is well
recognized and well belongs among the best Taekwon-Do ITF trainers in the world.

Czech Taekwon-Do Federation ITF presents its plentiful activities in magazines specialized in battle combat -
The Fighter's Magazine, The ATTACK magazine, BUDO journal, and above all, on its Internet pages at: , where the Bulletin Ceskeho svazu Taekwon-Do ITF (Bulletin of the Czech
Taekwon-Do Federation ITF) is presented. A new issue is issued every two months and is available in
electronic version (in Czech).      Source:  CZECH ITF TAEKWON-DO FEDRATION



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