The Greats of Tae Kwon Do
Dave Oliver

                                                     Chief Instructor: Dave Oliver

Dave Oliver started training in Tae Kwon Do in 1970 and gained his black belt in 1974. Dave went on to become
British free sparring champion and a British International. He was a member of the British team that won a silver medal
at the ITF European Tae Kwon Do Championships in Rotterdam, Holland in 1976.

In 1978, Daves first black belt student 17 year old Annette Sullivan won a gold medal at the ITF Tae Kwon Do
World Championships in Oklahoma U.S.A. She was the first British person to win a gold meal in a World ITF
Tae Kwon Do Championships.

In 1980 Dave was appointed British team coach due to the success of his Tae Kwon Do students in domestic champ-
ionships. In his 10 year term as team coach Britain have won the World Championships 3 times and European champ-
ionships three times. Dave is now manager of the British team, a post he took up in 1991. Dave was named as The
European Instructor of the year in 1988 by The International Magazine – Tae Kwon Do Times, he is the only British
person to ever receive this award. Dave Oliver was also the winner of the combat Hall of fame awards, he has
appeared on more front covers of martial arts magazine than any other British tae kwon do Instructor, he has also
written booksand produced video tapes, and appeared on main stream television on at least six occasions.

Dave has been a professional instructor for the last thirty years and was the very first professional instructor in the
United Kingdom tae kwon do association.

Dave now runs two schools of Tae Kwon Do, at Warwick and Solihull, he is also a grading examiner and current
Chairman of the Tae Kwon Do Association of Great Britain, which now boasts a student membership of 22,000,
and is a 7th Degree black belt.

Dave Oliver will receive the "Leadership Award" in 2007 presented by the Taekwondo Hall of Fame ®.

Dave with fellow T.A.G.B. instructors, Don Atkins and Paul Donnelly,
showing the medals they all won at the Battle of Atlanta, U.S.A.

TAGB Dave Oliver, Ron Sergiew,
Paul Donnelly Demo

Great Britain squad after taking title at 1981 ITF World Championships

Dave Oliver's Schools of Tae Kwon Do


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