The Greats of Tae Kwon Do
Ernest H. Lieb

1940 - 2006

Ernest H. Lieb
Ernest Lieb became a well known figure in the USA during the 60's and 70's
after handily defeating Bill Wallace, Wally Slocki of Canada and numerous
other champions of that era. A student of Master Hyuk Nae
Kim in the
Jidokwan system, Ernest Lieb earned his place in Tae Kwon do history by
being the first American to win a title in competition in Korea.  In 1967
while stationed in Korea he entered the World Taesoo-do Championship
held in
Namwon, garnering first place in the lightweight division. After
his return to the USA he became the first karate chairman of the AAU
and ultimately founder and President of the American Karate -

Lieb competing in Korea - Circa 1967


...and later that same year in Wash D.C.

Ernest Lieb (far right) and his instructor Mr. Kim

Always willing to lend a hand, Ernie Lieb sits atop Mitchell Bobrow's shoulders to assist a "high flying" Julio La Salle
Washington D.C. - Circa 1968

(Clockwise)  Henry Cho (wearing hat), Jhoon Rhee, Ed Parker, (? ), Ernest Lieb, Ki Whang Kim, (?, (?)
Washington D.C. -  Circa 1967

(All Photos above courtesy of Ernest H. Lieb)

Chong Woo Lee


Hyuk Nae Kim

"My loyalty to Chong Woo Lee and my instructor
Mr. Kim from Kunsan, Korea has never waivered."
                       Ernest Lieb -  November 10, 2005

"I just spent a day with Ernest Lieb. What a great guy.
He has my admiration and respect.  He whipped just
 about every martial artist out there,.I could see why!"
               Chuck Stepan - Technical Advisor
                          Taekowndo Hall of  Fame

                                    May 7th, 2006

Letter of Condolence sent to US Jidokwan family from
GM LEE Sung Wan, President of Korea Jidokwan

(Received from Master Al Cole on October 5, 2006)

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