L-R- Athanasios Pragalos,President ETU, (Greece), Ferenc Boo,Vice President ETU
 (Sweden), Stefan Klawiter Vice President ETU (Germany) and Prof. Miroslav Brežan,
 European Director Taekwondo Hall ofFame ®

HAMBURG GERMANY ( 3/17/11) During the 2011 German Open international competition held March 12th
in Hamburg, Germany, prof. Miroslav Brežan European director of the official Taekwondo Hall of Fame met the
leaders of the European Taekwondo Union (ETU). One of the themes of the meeting was to officially establish a
relationship betwe...en the ETU and the Taekwondo Hall of Fame through leaders and to expand that relationship
to included other continental taekwondo organizations. The ETU is was pleased to accept the partnership which
will benefit European taekwondo experts as a whole. To demonstrate their mutual support the ETU have
exchanged links on their respective official websites.

A particular highlight of the meeting occurred when ETU President Athanasios Pragalos presented prof Miro
Brezan with the coveted “A Class Coach” certificate which acknowledges that its recipient has met the highest
standards as a taekwondo coach set forth by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the European
Union. Prof Brezan an 8th Dan (Kukkiwon) was awarded the certificate based upon long time commitment to
the growth of Taekwondo in Europe, his expert knowledge and extraordinary results as a coach. Prof Brezan
himself a pioneer in the sport competed in numerous events during the early years including the 2nd World
taekwondo Championships held at the Kukkiwon in 1975.  President Pragalos, members of the ETU and
prof. Brezan will conduct futher discussions during theTaekwondo Hall of Fame ceremony being held at
KUKKIWON on Auguist 23-25, 2011.



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