George Ashiru - 7th Dan
President - ITF Nigeria
Chairman, NTF National Grading Commission
Chairman, ITF Africa (ITF-C)

Master George Ashiru demostrates proper form at an ITF instructors course


ITF Taekwon-do - 7th Dan
Tang Soo Do - Master Level
Korean Kempo - Master  Level

                                            Taught by

Choi, Jung Hwa (ITF Taekwon Do)
Jae Chul Shin (Tang Soo Do)                                
Don Lee (Moo Duk Kwan)
Jerry Parker (Moo Duk Kwan)
Emmanuel Ikpeme (Ji Do Kwan)
Mick Mulroy (Korean Kempo)
Ron Mason (ITF Taekwondo)
Jong Hee Yoon (WTF Taekwondo)
Kun Il Lim (WTF Taekwondo)
Moo Cheon Kim (WTF Taekwondo)
Sim Woon Pan (WTF Taekwondo)

                            Special Awards

2006 -  ITF Award for 'Promotion of Taekwon Do in Africa
1992 -  Best National Referee Award, 1992 (Nigeria)

                         Certified Affiliations

Nigeria Taekwondo Referees Association
Technical Official, Taekwondo, All Africa Games, 2003 (Abuja)
Technical Official, Judo, All Africa Games, 2003 (Abuja)
Amateur Martial Associations (AMA) U.K.
World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Korea
International Taekwondo Federation (ITF) Canada
World Tang Soo Do Association (WTSDA) U.S.
World Korean Kempo Federation (WKKF) U.K.
World & British Federation of Martial Arts (WBFMA)
World Black Belt Bureau (WBBB) U.S.
British Taekwondo Control Board (BTCB) U.K
Nigeria Taekwondo Federation (NTF)Nigeria
Martial Arts Commission of Nigeria (MAC) Nigeria
Association of World Taekwondo Clubs (AWTC)
KoreaTaekwondo Jidokwan Society
Executive Member, Nigeria Judo Federation (2001-2005)
ITF International Referee Class 'A'- Patron
1992 - 1994 Pioneer Lecturer, Taekwondo
(National Institute for Sports (Nigeria)
Licensed Weaponry Instructor Weaponry (sword and double stick)

                                  Coaching Record

2007-  Team Manager, Nigerian Team to World Olympic Qualifiers, UK
2007 - Team Manager, Nigerian Team at African Olympic Qualifiers, Libya,
2008-  Team Manager, Nigerian Olympic Team on UK Training Tour
1992 - AWTC National Coach ((U.K.)

                                 Competition Record

1989 Nigerian Taekwondo Champion (Welter)
1989 Korean Ambassador Cup National Welterweight Champion
1989 Korean Ambassador Best National Fighter Award, (Nigeria)
1998 National Sports festival Welterweight Champion
1984 AMA/LTA British Champion
1987 All Africa Taekwondo Championship (Kenya) - Silver
1987 National Welterweight Champion
1986 National Welterweight Champion
1985 Nigerian Taekwondo Champion (Welter)
1985 AMA/LTA British Champion
1984 AMA/LTA British Champion
1983 AMA/LTA British Champion
1982 - Nigerian Taekwondo Champion (Welter)


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