YOON, Hui-byung

Great Grand Master YOON, Hui-byung
(Above photo and text submitted by GM Kim Soo)

Dr. Yoon, Hui-byung was the Chief Master at Han Mu Kwan in Tokyo in 1947 which had ties to Grandmaster Kanken Toyama's
Shuto-Kan.  In addition to studying under Grandmaster Kanken Toyama, he also studied under Mabun Kenwa the founder of
Shito-Ryu.  Dr. Yoon Hui-byung was a professor at Seoul National University in Korea and the 1st president of Jido-kwan.  He
was the Dean of the College of Animal Husbandry at the Keon Kuk University in the '60's. Dr. Yoon Hui-byung was also related
toYoon Byung-in ,and both shared a close friendship wih Kanken Toyama.  The above photo is from his book on Bong-sul (bo)
which depicts him when he was approximately 28 or 29 years of age.

      Kim Soo, Founder & President,
Kim Soo Karate, Inc.
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