Darrel Henegan

The Tae Kwon Do Greats of Canada

Darrell Henegan becomes the first North American in history to defeat
Korea for the gold in a World Championship event.  He raises his hands
in victory at the  Frst World Taekwondo Games held in Santa Clara,
California in 1981.


Darrell Henegan started Taekwondo when he was 12 years old, a year after he had come to Montreal from Queen’s, New York.
One day when Darrell was waiting for his friend to finish his TKD class his instructor called him aside to have a talk. This chat would
change Darrell's life. The man convinced Darrell that he could accomplish anything he set his mind to. He passed his Blackbelt in
1978.  Inspired by his confidence and motivation, Darrel won the Canadian Championship the next year and an amazing eleven more
times. However it was in 1981 that Darrel realized what he believes is his greatest accomplishment in Santa Clara, California at the
First World  Taekwondo Games.  At those games Darrell became the first North American in Taekwondo history to defeat Korea in
a Gold Medal match to win a World Championship.  "The person who not only told me I could do it but also showed me the
way was Ray Nikiel, my teacher and friend for more than thirty years."
says Darrell.   Between 1984 and 1996, Darrell started
a professional career in Kickboxing. With a record of 25-2-0 (20 KO’s), he won two World Championships (FFKA and ISKA) and
successfully defended his titles eight times. In 1996  Darrell returned to Taekwondo. By winning the Canadian Championships in 1999
and 2001, he became the only Canadian to win Gold Medals in four consecutive decades (1979 - 2001).  Darrrell says, "The
teacher and pupil can do nothing without the Master, he is the father of us all...Grandmaster Chong Soo Lee.
Darrell also says "All of this would not have been possible without the unwavering desire for perfection I inherited from
my mother, the great Jazz Vocalist, Ms. Ranee Lee."
 Darrell says his mother was recently awarded the Order of Canada for
Outstanding Achievement.

Competitive Record of
Darrell Henegan

 Coach Ray Nikiel and Stan Nikiel congratulate Darrell Henegan after winning his
 division at the 2nd Official Canadian National Taekwondo Championships in 1981
(Photo Courtesy of Ray Nikiel)


1979, 1980,1983,1984, - Canadian Championships - Gold
1980 - North American Championships - Gold
1981 - Named "Top Male Competitor of the Year"
1981 - World Games - Gold Medalist
1982 - Canadian Nationals - Silver
1978, 1984 Canadian Nationals - Gold
1982 - Invitational North American Championships - Gold
1983 - Named "Most Impressive Black Belt"
1985 - Pan American Open - Gold
1996 - Pan American Open - Silver
1998 - National "C" Carding - Silver
1980 - North American Championships - Gold
1986 - Canadian Nationals - Bronze
1997 - USA Open - Silver
1998 - Canadian Championships N.B. - Silver
1998 - Canadian National Team Trials - Gold
1999 - Pan American Games (Winnipeg) - Bronze
1999 - Regional Pan Am Olympic Qualifying (Miami) - Bronze
2000 - Canadian Nationals (Hamilton, Ont.) - Gold
2001- 23rd Canadian Natl. Team Trials - Gold
2001 - Olympic Divisional Nationals (Montreal, Que.) - Gold

             (Photo Courtesy of Ray Nikiel)

                                        Professional Kickboxing:

1984  - Provincial PKA Heavyweight Champion
1985 - Provincial PKA Super Heavyweight Champion
1986 - Canadian I.S.K.A. Heavyweight Champion
1987 - North American F.F.K.A. Champion
1988 - World F.F.K.A. Champion
1989 - Successfully Defended World F.F.K.A. Title (against Larry Cureton)
1991 - Successfully Defended World F.F.K.A. Title (against Neil Singleton)
1992 - Successfully Defended World F.F.K.A. against Denis Schoette & Sergio Batarelli)
1993 - World I.S.K.A. Cruiserweight Champion (fought Przemyslaw Saletta)
1993 - Successfully Defended I.S.K.A.and F.F.K.A. Titles
1994 - Successfully Defended I.S.K.A. Titles against Gary Deprico and Glenn Pools
1995 - Successfully Defended I.S.K.A. (against Mohamed Jamaa)
1996 - Successfully Defended F.F.K.ATitle (against Horace Craft)