The Tae Kwon Do Greats


(Photo by Amos Johnson)

"Mike Warren was without a doubt the
greatest player the world has ever seen!"

GM George Anderson - Tech Advisor Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Above Mike Warren battles Wiiliam Oliver, and  then a few decades later
greets William Oliver, Albert Cheeks and Jeff Smith at the historic reunion
of  Henry Cho's All American Open Grand Champions - March 23, 2003

Mike Warren advancing in the eliminations to secure an unprecedented 4th Grand Championship title at Henry Cho's
All American Open held at Madison Square Garden.   In this histortic photo, Korea's "All Time Greatest Player"
Dong Keun Park  serves as head referree. (Photo courtesy of  Chuck Stepan  Technical  Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame)

Inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame
East Rutherford, New Jersey USA
April 6th, 2007


"Michael's match for 1st place in Korea was
no contest!"
- Richard Chun / USA Team Manager
1st World Taeekwondo Championship (1973)
October 15th, 2005
"talent in the extreme.....the very best!"
James Butin, Silver Medalist / USA East Team
1st World Taeekwondo Championship (1973)
February 5th, 2006

" ...without a doubt the greatest player the
world has ever seen!" - Charles P. Stepan, Author
Technical Advisor Taekwondo Hall of Fame
November 26th, 2005
"Always a gentleman as well as being a good fighter
...and skill must always be combined with the proper
mental attitude" - Jhoon Rhee - GrandMaster
December 7th, 2005

"the most magnificent fighter I have ever seen.."
Byong Yu - Champion / Actor / Author
November 17th, 2005
"...the best because he won at Madison Square -
Garden 4 times when all the best players fouught
there. J.P. Choi - USA Coach
November 20th, 2005

"the best, followed by Bill Wallace and Joe Lewis."
Joe Corley  -  Champion / Tournament  Director
November 3, 2005 
"..the greatest kicker of all times."  
 Jeff S
mith -  6 Time World Champion
 March 22, 2003

"i've always said that there has been no one
like Warren.!"  - Ray Nikiel, Canadian Champion 
October 26 , 2005
".. the best of the bunch!"
Tony Blanchard -  All American Open Grand Champion
 February 17, 2003

"Mike was an unbelievable athlete and fighter.
Too bad wedid not have YouTube so people today could
see how really good he was."   P
at Worley  70's Champion
December 28, 2010
"I had the distinct displeasure to fight Michael a couple
of times back in the early 70"s. Never scored on him
but escaped pretty much intact.. I consider him to be one
of the top ten point fighters of all time. Nice guy, too.
John Worley -  70's Champion  / Tournement Director
                          December 28, 2010

"I agree. Mike was a supreme technician with
unbelievableskills that have become legendary.
In my book, the best that ever was."  Gordon Franks
 PKA World Champion   December 29, 2010 

" I have carefully examined the skills of the players from the late 60's to present day
   from the unique vantage point of being a competitor and meticulous observer.  After
   doing so and speaking with past and current chamapions  and experts,  it is my opinion
  that Michael Warren is not only the best Americam player of his generatiion, but the
   most skillful player of all time!"   July 30, 2008

                            Gerard Robbins, Founder / Executive  Director
                            Taekwondo Hall of Fame