Taekwondo entered Iran in 1970 by a Korean master named KIM SOO RYON and organized the 1st coaching class in
Soldeir Club and has been taught only for parachutists. While the Taekwondo Association of Army Forces was organized
in 1975 ,the new activities were formed in this field of sport. In the same year ,the selected team of parachutists Forces
participated in the 2nd World Championships in Seoul, South Korea and gained one Bronze medal .in 1976, the same
teamparticipated in the 2nd Oceania -Asian Championships in Melborne ,Australia. After the victory of Islamic Revolution
in 1984 the Taekwondo Federation was organized by Mr,Seyed Mostafa Safavi. The main changes in Taekwondo were:
organizing the different instructing classes by the Korean masters, participating of foreign countries in Fajr International
Tournament, Organizing international coaching classes and participating in different world events. Our main successes in
this sport is winning 200 medals in different world and continental competitions in the last 20 years and especially in the last
early years winning 1st place in World Cup 2000 and 2nd place in 1998,1999,2001 and 2002 and a Bronze medal in
Olympic Games in 2000  It is necessary to mention that there were four presidents in Taekwondo Federation: Seyed
Mostafa Safavi(1984-1990) Mohammad Ghomi 1990-1994 Seyed Mostafa Safavi 1994-1996 Mokhtar Kalantari
1996-2000 Seyed Mohammad Pouladgar 2000 till now   Source: IranTaekwondo Federation


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