VIENNA AUSTRIA - October 13, 2009

The International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) under the leadership of International Olympic Committee
Member Prof. Chang Ung met with representatives of the ITF under the leadership of Grandmaster Tran
Trieu Quan to discuss the reunification of the two groups. The meeting took place in Vienna Austria on
September 12, 2009. Those representing Professor Chang Ung were Master Anto Nobilo, President of the
European Taekwon-Do Federation, Mr. Ri Yong Son, Executive Director General and Mr. Kim Chol Gyu,
Treasurer. The representatives of Grandmaster Tran were Master Willem Jacob Bos, Secretary General and
Master Juan Ferrando, Vice President. The discussions were very productive and afterwards the participants
were invited to dinner by Prof. Chang Ung.

Master Nobilo, who also is a member of the Merger Committee for talks with the World Taekwondo
Federation made a complete report to the Executive Board on October 12, 2009 at the World Championships
in St. Petersburg Russia. The report was well received by the Board. The following night the information was
presented to the Congress, which was attended by 82 countries. Master Nobilo expressed his great optimism
for the scheduled future talks. He advised the entire Congress that Masters Bos and Ferrando would report to
their respective Board and Congress in Argentina at their next scheduled Congress meeting on November
27, 2009 during their upcoming World Championships. Pending approval to move forward by that Body, a
subsequent meeting has been tentatively set for the time frame of early December of 2009. This news was

warmly embraced by the membership of Professor Chang Ung.

When Master Nobilo addressed the Congress he spoke of the long time friendships that many have
developed over the years. He said these relationships had in many cases become like family. Grandmaster
Rhee Ki Ha, the first person promoted to IX Dan by the Founder Gen. Choi Hong Hi and current Senior
Vice President often states the ITF also means International Taekwon-Do Family. Master Nobilo closed
by saying we must bring our family together again.

The ITF suffered some fragmentation surrounding the passing of the Founder Gen. Choi in 2002. Since that
time this unfortunate division has resulted in each group hosting separate World Championships. With the
preliminary plans outlined during the initial meeting, the World Championships will again become one event for
all. Many of the newer students and those coming of age now deserve this and more. The ITF remains
committed to this laudable goal.

While it is understood that complex negotiations take time and can be difficult, these preliminary plans address
the need for open and honest dialogue over a period of time, along with a transition period to help the process
develop. Like all difficult tasks that Taekwon-Do students often face, adhering to the tenets of Taekwon-Do
will empower those tasked with this all important assignment to succeed.

The parties involved call upon all, those directly involved and every student that watches from across the globe
as these discussions continue and evolve, to talk with honesty and integrity. To exercise self control and
perseverance, no matter how difficult or challenging the talks become; and to demonstrate indomitable spirit by
showing the courage to work towards a compromise that will bring us all together for the benefit of all. This is
how we can best support, preserve and share the legacy of our beloved Founder. We eagerly look forward to
another positive response to this preliminary plan on November 27, 2009, so these discussions can move to
the next step.

NOTE: The ITF was the first world governing body for Taekwon-Do. It was formed on March 22, 1966 in
Seoul Korea. It relocated to Toronto Canada in 1972 to escape the political interference of a military
dictatorship and to allow a more expansive growth as North America lies between Asia and Europe. In 1985
the headquarters was moved to Vienna Austria, which is located between the Eastern and Western Europe.
It is also a politically neutral country allowing access to nations regardless of politically ideology, including
hose of communist or socialist countries. This helped the founder of Taekwon-Do, Gen. Choi Hong Hi
realize his dream of sharing Taekwon-Do to all the people of the world.



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