Historic Moments of Tae Kwon Do

4th Kwon Bup Bu Demonstration/Meeting

This picture is VERY rare. Almost know one has ever seen this before now. It is a picture of the 4th Kwon Bup Bu Demonstration/Meeting. In the photo are the founder of
Jidokwan, Grandmaster CHUN, Sang Sup and Yoon, Byung In, who later when on to found the Chang Moo Kwan.  Seated in the second row in the dark suit is
Yoon-Byung-in.  To his left is Hwang Kee, founder of Mooduk-kwan. Behind and to the left of Hwang Kee is Lee Byoung-ro.  Seated to the right of Yoon Byung-in is
Lee Kyong-sok, a Yudo (Judo) Master, who was owner of the Chosun Yun Moo Kwan dojang (building in the background). This dojang became the Korea Yudo Assn. and
Korea Yudo College after the years of legal dispute. This building was located in Sogong-Dong in the center part of Seoul. The building is no longer at this location. To the right
of Lee Kyong-sok is Chun, Sang-sup.  Circled is Lee Kyo-yoon who established the Hanmoo-Kwan after Chun Sang-sup’s disappearance in 1950. Lee Kyo-yoon was a
highly reputable martial art teacher.  Fourth to the right of Yoon Byung-in is Lee Jong-woo. He became the 3rd president of Jido-kwan.  Text GM Kim Soo / Photo Kukkiwon

Photo  submitted by Master Al Cole
Technical Advisor / Taekwondo Hall of Fame

Reference #1 on Yoon Byung In by GM Kim Soo

Reference #2 on Yoon Byung In by GM Kim Soo


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