Master Jin Young Jung, a Korean native, introduced Taekwondo to Trinidad and Tobago on December 1st, 1976.
He founded the Trinidad and Tobago Taekwondo Association and served as its President for sixteen years. During
the years, Master Jung produced thirty one (31) Black Belts, some up to the rank of Third Dan. He has also been
responsible for much of the success the Sport has enjoyed.

Master Jung, a former Sargeant in the Korean Army, began his Martial Arts training in Judo in 1956. Two years later
he started in Taekwondo. Then in 1959 he picked up Hapkido and Wrestling, emerging as National Lightweight
Champion in the latter discipline in 1964.

Master Jung has been the Technical Director of the TTTA from inception. He currently holds a 7th Degree Black Belt.

   On this 19th Day of September 2009  

  The Hapkido and Taekwondo Students of Master Jin Young Jung
wish Master Jung a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!


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