The Greats of Tae Kwon Do

GrandMaster John Holloway 

GM John Holloway
Referee Co-Chair USATaekwondo
Former Referee Director / USATaekwondo
Former V.P. United States Taekwondo Union

SBN Ramiro Guzman and GM John Holloway being inducted into the Taekwondo
Hall of Fame under the most prestigious Lifetime Acheivement Award Category. Center
is Pilar Leguel 6th Dan, wife of  World Champion Ramiro Guzman of Mexico.

Members of the 1st USA Taekwondo Team
T.Watson, J. Holloway, G.Robbins, D. Robinson
2nd World TKD Championships
Seoul Korea - (circa 1975

             (First Athlete Elected to a National Executive Office Position)

1st ITF World Taekwon-do Championsips - Canada - 1974 (Heavy -Gold)
1st ITF World Taekwon-do Championsips - Canada - 1974   Breaking  2nd
1st Pan American Taekwondo Championships -Mexico - 1978  (Middle-Gold)
Pre-World Games Taekwondo Championships -Korea - 1978  (Hvy-Bronze)
3rd World World Taekwondo Championships - Chicago- 1977 (Hvy-Bronze)
4th World Taekwondo Championships, Stuttgard,Germany 1979 (Mid-Bronze)
2nd Annual US Invtational Karate Championships, Ohio 1973 Grand Champion
1st Howard Univ. Taekwondo Championships,Wash DC 1974 Grand Champion

              *The First and only American to have medaled in both
               WTF and ITF World Taekwondo Championship events.

Watch Referee Co-Chair, GM John Holloway in action at
the 2008 World Junior Taekwondo Championships in Izmir,
Turkey. [Microsoft Silverlight plugin required]

Quarter Final: Female Welter, Korea vs. Greece
Final: Female Welter, Korea vs. Poland
Semi-Final: Female Feather, Korea vs. Azerbaijan
Semi-Final: Female Fly, Thailand vs. Croatia
Semi-Final: Male Fin, Korea vs. Russia
Final: Female Fly, Korea vs. Turkey

Master John Holloway at work in the 80's

Front Row Great Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi, GM Michael Warren, GM Rhee Ki Ha, GM Jhoon Rhee, GM Choi-
Chang Keun, GM Kong Young II, Master Ramiro Guzman, Master Benny Rivera, and GM John Holloway.

                             About GM John L. Holloway

GM John Holloway is 7th Dan Black Belt, International Referee 1st Class, was inducted
into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame in 2007, and has celebrated 25 years as owner of Gentle
East Taekwondo in Silver Spring, MD.

GM Holloway is currently the Co-Referee Chair of USA Taekwondo. He served as
Referee Director on the USA Taekwondo Board of Directors in 2005-2006, and was
former Team Captain, and Champion.

His leadership to taekwondo has spanned three decades, from being the 1st chair of the
Athletes Advisory Council (1985-1988), up to Team Leader for the 1999 Pan Am Games
and Team Leader for the US Taekwondo Team at the 2000 Olympic Games in Sydney,

The competitor John Holloway was the US Team Captain from 1974-1979, and was the
first in the world, and the only American, to have medaled at both ITF (1974) and WTF
(1977, 1978, and 1979) World Championships.

GM Holloway has refereed at the national and international levels since 1980. He is the only
person to attend every US National Taekwondo Championship, either as a winning
competitor, referee, or official.    

On May 11th, 2008  John Holloway distinguished himself further by being one of  the few
individuals to be named "Best Referee" at the closing ceremony of the 7th WTF World
Taekwondo Championships at the Halkapinar Sport Hall in Izmir, Turkey.
The list was announced by WTF Secretary General Jin Suk Yang.  (see below)

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