The Greats of Taekwon-Do

    Grand Master Park Jung Tae referred to as "The People's Master" is inducted into the Taekwon-do
    Hall of Fame with Grand Master Linda Park (his wife) accepting the honors from Master George Vitale.
    (L-R) Master Ngiaw Wee Sun, Master Michael Bonfiglio, Master Chris Gantner and Christopher Park
    the son of Grand Master Park Jung Tae.  Photo by Master Amos Johnson
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                                      GRAND MASTER PARK JUNG TAE (1943-2002)

                                                         9TH DEGREE BLACK BELT


Those of us, privileged to be associated with Grand Master Park Jung Tae are enlightened to the true
characteristics of a great martial artist, who possesses wisdom and skills unknown to us.

Grand Master Park has earned world fame through disciplined training and devotion to the development
and promotion of taekwon-do throughout the world. He holds a Ninth Degree Black Belt in Taekwon-do
and has traveled to every continent demonstrating and promoting his technical expertise and knowledge.
Grand Master Park has been directly responsible for the expansion of Taekwon-do in many countries and
he was the pioneer of taekwon-do in China, Russia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, North
Korea and Japan. He also formed the USSR Taekwon-do Federeation and the Manitoba Taekwon-do
Association in Canada. During the Vietnam War, Grand Master Park was sent to Vietnam for two years
as an army instructor training the Korean, Vietnamese and American soldiers in combat and was ranked
as the leading technical trainer in Taekwon-do. Grandmaster Park has dedicated his life to Taekwon-do.
His unique style breaks down the barriers of language, race and politics and instills unity in our hearts and
minds connecting our human spirit in harmony for world peace.

An important day in the history of Taekwon-do was June 14th 1990, when Grand Master Park Jung Tae
founded the Global Taekwon-do Federation (GTF). This non political organization is growing rapidly and
already has seventy-eight countries working together under the GTF banner. Through GTF, Grand Master
Park continues to create new techniques and patterns to improve the quality of Taekwon-do training. The
hopes and dreams for the future of the Global Taekwon-do Federation will be manifested through the
support of all the devoted Master, Instructor and students

Since the passing of Grand Master Park Jung Tae on April 11, 2002, GTF Taekwon-Do, the Global
Taekwon-Do Federation has gone through a transition period to take the Federation to the next level of
development. At a meeting, the GTF Masters and Senior Instructors unanimously agreed that the
Executive Vice-President of the Global Taekwon-Do Federation, Mrs. Linda Park was the only person
able to become GTF President. This decision avoided a power struggle inside the GTF and strongly
unified the commitment of the organization. This was history in the making as this was the first time a
woman became President of a major Taekwon-Do Federation.

President Linda Park has been involved with Taekwon-Do since 1969 and her knowledge of GTF
matters from working side by side with her late husband, Grand Master Park has given her insight to
the future greatness of this Federation. Through determination and perseverance, she has shown the
Taekwon-Do community her commitment in continuing Grand Master Park’s legacy. Senior
Instructors loyal to Grand Master Park support the GTF President and remain steadfast in their
devotion to the promotion and development of GTF around the world. In 2005 at a meeting of country
affiliates and Masters in Sardinia, Italy, it was proposed that President Linda Park be given the
Honorary Ninth Degree Black Belt in recognition of her dedication and supportive role in Taekwon-Do
development for the past 36 years. This was unanimously accepted making another historical moment in
Taekwon-Do history.

                                HISTORY OF GRAND MASTER PARK JUNG TAE

1990-2002 President of the Global Taekwon-do Federation

1990-1999 Founded the Global Taekwon-do federation (GTF) Promoted,

Demonstrated, held Seminars all around the world to all affiliated countries.

1989 Secretary-General ITF and instruction Committee Chairman.

1988 March Formed the USSR Taekwon-do Association.

1988 Aug-Dec Pioneer of Taekwon-do in China.

1986-87 Demonstrated and gave Seminars and did promotions around the world.

1986 Pioneer of Taekwon-do in Russia.

1986 Pioneer of Taekwon-do in Czechoslovakia.

1985 Part of ITF Goodwill Demonstration Team that went to the Soviet Union.

1985 Pioneer of the Taekwon-do in Bulgaria.

1984 Oct Elected as Secretary-General and Instruction Committee Chairman at the
General Congress meeting in Vienna, Austria.

1982-84 Pioneer of Taekwon-do in Japan.

1981 Pioneer of Taekwon-do in North Korea.

1980 Sept As Technical Committee Chairman of ITF went to North Korea and Soviet
Union to demonstrate and promote Taekwon-do.

1979 Demonstrate and promoted Taekwon-do in South American Countries

1978 First time ever that Korean Instructors promoted and demonstrated Taekwon-do
in Eastern Europe and Socialist Countries.

1978 Pioneer of Taekwon-do in Poland.

1978 Pioneer of Taekwon-do in Hungary.

1974-78 Traveled to Europe, Asia, North, Central and South America demonstrating
and promoting Taekwon-do.

1971-73 Demonstrated and promoted Taekwon-do in North America and South America.

1970 Formed the Manitoba Taekwon-do Association. Demonstrated and promoted Taekwon-do
throughout Asia. Invited to Canada to demonstrate at the Canadian National Exhibition Toronto.
Opened a Taekwon-do school in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

1968-69 Selected to train Instructors as the ITF Headquarters in Korea who were being sent out
of the country.

1968 Graduated three months intensive special International Instructors Training Course.

1967 Returned to Korea from Vietnam.

1965-67 Went to Vietnam as an army Instructor, training Korean, Vietnamese and American
soldiers in unarmed combat.

1964 Joined Korean army and become leading Instructor.

1961-63 Chief Instructor of Kwang Ju City, South Korea, Promoted and Demonstrated
around the country. Taught the police force and army.

1958-60 Taekwon-do Instructors in Kwang Ju City.

1948 Began training in Martial Art – boxing, judo and karate (the name Taekwon-do did
not exist at this time)

                                    Source: Malaysian Global Taekwon-Do Federation


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