Welcoming Address by Corky Mizer, Tournament Director
Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun's 1996 All American Open Martial Arts Expo

Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun

"Martial arts is 5% physical and 95% other than physical.".... Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun

     This Grandmaster began training well over 50 years ago and is the senior active Ji Do kwan Master in the United States.
Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun trained with the founders of  Ji Do Kwan, Doctor Yun Kwai Byung, and Sang Sup Chun's
brother II Sup Chun.  Along with Hyuk Nae Kim, another Ji Do Kwan pioneer, he helped develope checking techniques
that became one of the trademarks of te Ji Do Kwan system.

      At the end of the Korean War he was picked as the top security man of the first peacetime government.   He became
the bodyguard of the Prime Minister who was instrumental in the formation, growth, and develpment of the Republic of
Korea.  He later became the Chief Instructor f or the National Police force which numbered 15,000 members. He coached
their team.  He taught the Korean CIA the Ho Shin Sool of Korean Ji Do Kwan.

      In the years 1965, 1966, and 1967 Grandmaster Kae Bae Chun was the coach of the police bureau's Tae Kwon Do
team which won many national championships with team members such as Korean national treasures Dong Keun Park,
Dae Sup Ahn, and Yeon Hee Park.

      Grandmaster Chun's first American studios were in Youngstown and Cleveland, Ohio.  He presently continues teaching
in San Marcos, California.

      One of this Grandmaster's invaluable contributions to Tae Kwon Do is the development of stepping techniques aimed
at stealing distance, which became an important part of Ji Do Kwan's flying techniques.

Charles A. Stepan, Author
6th Degree Blackbelt
Technical Advisor / Taekwondoi Hall of Fame


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