The Greats of Tae Kwon Do

Ki Moon Kwon

 (photo courtesy of Al Cole)

Ki Moon Kwon is a student of LEE, Yong Ki, who was a student of CHUN, Ill Sup. He is from Junju, Chollabukdo.
Master Kwon has been twice decorated with a Medal of Honor for his contributions to Tae Kwon Do and his country
by the President of Korea, in both 1981, and 1982

In 1981, Master Kwon took the World Games Championship Title, making him a World Champion in Tae Kwon Do.
He trained players at Korean National University for Physical Education (Hankuk Chaedae), from 1987 until 1990.
In 1990, Master Kwon left Korea to open his first school in Solon, Ohio.

Served as the US National Team Coach for 2001, (12th Pan American Taekwondo Championships, December 7-9,
2000, Oranjestad, Aruba Mr. Ki Moon Kwon (OH), Men's Head Coach) and the US National Collegiate Head
Coach for 2002.  


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