The Greats of Taekwon-Do
GM Young II Kong

GM  Young II Kong breaking boards with a reverse turning kick at the Pan Am Tae Kwon-Do Championship in 1974
(Photo Courtesy Photo Courtesy of Doris Hearrington, Young Brothers TKD)

GM  Young II Kong in Korea


A first-generation student of General Choi, Hong Hi, the Father of Taekwon-Do, Grand Master Kong, Young Il's
Taekwon-Do roots are in the Oh Do Kwan in Won Joo, Korea. Today, fifty-four years later, Grand Master Kong,
Young Il teaches the martial art of Taekwon-Do with the same approaches and rigor he learned from the Father of
Taekwon-Do and perfected through continuous practice of the art. Grand Master Kong, Young Il is steadfastly
focused on promoting Taekwon-Do and General Choi's legacy.

GM Kong Young Il lives in Las Vegas with his wife. His sons Andy and Douglas live in Los Angeles.

Here are some highlights from the illustrious career of this Taekwon-Do pioneer:


- 1968 KYUNG HEE UNIVERSITY - Tae Kwon-Do All Star Team Captain

1964 - 1968 REPUBLIC OF KOREAN ARMY - Tae Kwon-Do All Star Team Captain

1964 - 1968  8th US ARMY - Tae Kwon-Do Instructor. This was the first time
 Tae Kwon-Do was introduced to the US military.

1968 to Present Founder of Young Brothers Tae Kwon-Do Associates in America
and instructor

1973 - 1980 Selected by Gen. Choi, Founder of Tae Kwon-Do, to become a member
of his Demonstration Team. Traveled with the team on  their World Wide Tour to
introduce Tae Kwon-Do to more than 127 countries.

1974 - Received the State of Maryland Governor's Citation Award.

1979 - Special Award by the FBI Special Agent in Charge for the East Coast Region

1994 - Became the 39th Inductee to the All American Black Belt Hall of Fame

1994 - Awarded Martial Artist of the Year

1996 Promoted to 9th degree Black Belt

2003 - Co-founded the International Ch'Ang-Hon Tae Kwon-Do Federation

2006 - Founder and President of the World Tae Kwon-Do Alliance (W.T.A)

2007 - Inducted into the Tae Kwon-Do Hall of Fame for a life long dedication
           to the Art and Conservation of Tae Kwon-Do.


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