Taekwondo Training In Korea

Kuk Hyun Chung

1988 Olympic Gold Medalist and 5 time World Taekwondo Champion
Kuk Hyun Chung takes you inside his dojang for an exclusive look at the
drills and methods he uses to train Korean taekwondo champions. In this
dynamic training footage, Master Chung's students demonstrate a wide
variety of elite level training methods for developing the very best
sparring skills, including:

Moving, line and team target drills
Partner hogu drills
Conditioning, agility, speed and mobility training
Sparring strategy and practice matches

Although this is not an instructional DVD, Master Chung offers tips and
trainingsuggestions throughout. Get a revealing inside look at the daily
training regimen that makes the Korean fighters the best in the world.
Korean with English subtitles.

Formerly released on video as: Future Champions Video Set

Run time: 45 minutes     Price: $29.95 Add 2 Cart 

                  ABOUT KUK HYUN CHUNG


Kuk Hyun Chung, considered by many to be the greatest
taekwondo competitor ever, won the Gold Medal in
Taekwondo in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games. He is
listed in the Guiness Book of Sports Records as winning
the most World Championship titles (1987, 1985, 1983,
1982) by a single person and is undefeated in International
Competition. He also won the Athlete's Award in 1984
and 1983 for outstanding performance in competition.
He is a graduate of the Korean National College of
Physical Education. His latest achievement is the leading
role in the 1994 action movie Taekwon Fighter.


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