Mas Oyama Honored In Korea

Photo taken by Kim Soo

G.M. Mas Oyama arrives in Gimpo Airport, Korea  in 1967 -  from left, unknown, Lee Gye-hoon, Lee Nam-suk, Kim Sun-gu, Gen. Choi (Head of ITF),
Mas Oyama's`brother who is a reporter for "Seoul News" in Korea , Mas Oyama, unknown, Kim Yong-chae (KTA, President), unknown, unknown,
General Secretary Lee Chong-woo (Jido-kwan), Ohm Un-kyu (Head of Chungdo-kwan)

Photo by Kim Soo

G.M. Mas Oyama whose name at birth is Choi Young-ui was born on the 27th of July,1923
in a village not far from Gunsan in Southern Korea. Above, G.M. Mas Oyama visited Seoul,
Korea in 1967.  These historic photos (taken by Kim Soo) actually depict the second time he
returned his original homeland after having left during World War ll.   Korea Taesoodo Assn.
President, Kim Yong-chae welcomes him at his office and awards him with a plaque.  Left -
Ro Byung-jik (head of Songmoo-kwan) Gen. Choi Hong-hi (Ohdo-kwan),  Mas Oyama, and Kim
Yong-chae (Kangduk-won).

      Kim Soo, Founder & President,
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