2nd Official National USA AAU Taekwondo Team
1st Pan AM Taekwondo Championships
Mexico City, Mexico / 1978

Captain John Holloway, Gerard Robbins, Kun Yung Lee, William Kim, Greg Fears and Michael O'Malley.  Oren Geautraux standing center 
(Photo Courtesy of GentleEast.com)

Jung Nam Lee and Prof. Dong Ja Yang
photo courtesy of GentleEast.com

Captain John Holloway at the start of a grueling match with Mexico
photo courtesy of GentleEast.com

Yun Kun Lee wins his match against Mexico
photo courtesy of GentleEast.com

Gerard Robbins (USA) top defeats Luis Cano (Mexico) in the heavyweight division to win
gold while Greg Fears (bottom left) defeats his opponent in his usual spectacular fashion
enroute to yet another gold for the USA team.   Official results
                                                               ENLARGE ARTICLE  

USA team member between practice sessions at the 1st Pan American Taekwondo Champs.
 which were held in Mexico City, Mexico in 1978.  USA gold medal winners were Greg Fears,
Gerrad Robbins and John Holloway. Official results
                                                               ENLARGE ARTICLE  


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