Hed Mohammad Shirzai
Founder and President
A.A.N.T.A. ( ITF)


Hed Mohammad Shirzai, was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1968, while was a young boy he always had the desire to join
a martial arts do-jang, where it come true while he was a 13 years old in 1980, he started his Taekwondo career under
Mr.Habib Mayar, during the year 1984 while was 17 years old, he succeeded to contribute better with his instructor by
opening his first do-jang named Asia Taekwon-do Club, and hewas the first ever person who had got the chance to open
a do-jang in a very small age that shows his admire towardTaekwon-do.  He announced the first ever association all over
presence of the Korean ambassador and some other government competent authorities, the association was soon recognized
by the INTERNATIONAL TAEKWON-DO FEDERATION (ITF)’s president, late legendry father General Choi Hong Hi
in 1995. Till now he has set up a 25 school with over 2000 active members all over the country. In December 1993, he was
relocated to the Pakistan because of the civil war inside the country and continued his martial arts training in Taekwon-do, this
caused him to be the first introducer of new and modern Taekwon-do ITF in Pakistan, he served to the people in various
schools like the “Beacon house School Systems”, “The Educators” and many more, the head quarter was soon established in
the “AGA KHAN GYMKHANA”, Karachi, Pakistan. He had several do-jangs in different parts of Pakistan, like in Islamabad,
Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Gilgit and chatral and now are running through his Pakistani students and the ITF representative for
Pakistan (Nazim Barkat Ali) is one of his students. During the immigration he leaded the AANTA TKD team in so many ITF
and WTF championships in which the AANTA ITF team got the 1st position in all championships. In 1996, He was invited by
ITF to participate in an International Instructor ITF course, conducted by Grand Master Dr.Leong Wai Meng, which took
part in New Delhi, India, after a month training and after giving an upgrading test and by showing his full interest and aptitude
he was worth to be having a 2nd Dan, from the first president of ITF, Late General Choi Hong Hi. His accomplishments are
broad and varied like he has organized an International Instructor ITF Seminar and Upgrading test in Karachi Pakistan in
2004, which was conducted by Grand Master Jong Soo Park, former ITF Vice President and President of Canadian ITF
Taekwon-do Association, at the end of this historical event 30 Afghan and Pakistani ITF Members received their 1st - 4th
Dan ITF certificate from ITF and itsSecond President, His Excellency Dr.Prof Chang Ung (IOC) Member.

Following Phillip Cunningham of the USA the first person to introduce of Taekwon-do in Afghanistan he became
the first person to intrioduce Modern ITF Taekwon-do in Afghanistan and Pakistan; he is the founder and the technical
advisor of the PAKISTAN NATIONAL TAEKWONDO ASSOCIATION (PNTA).  Source Hed Mohammad Shirzai



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