The Greats of Tae Kwon Do

Skipper Willams

Skipper Williams demonstrates the proper way to execute the jumping horse kick
Photo submitted by Taekwondo Hall of Fame Technical Advisor Amos Johnson
(Courtesy of  Skipper Williams)

Skipper Williams, a student of GrandMaster Hong Shik Chung, electrified the Southeastern traditional Taekwondo
tournamennt scene in the 70's and 80's with his incredible kicking skills.   His coordination, long reach and ability to
initiate brillant kicking combinations from either side is what made Skip a most formidable opponent.  Many experts
who have observed him compete believe there was no limit to the heights he could have reached on an international
level had he chosen to compete in other parts of the USA and particualrly in Olympic style events. While still based
in Atlanta, Georgia, Skipper visited New York recently to attend the historic "Reunion of Grand Champions"
which was held at Madison Square Garden.   A partial list of his competitive history can be seen below.

Skipper Williams
Competive History (Partial List)

1973 - 7th Annual National Championship, Atlanta , GA - Grand Champion
1974 - 8th Annual natioanl Championships, Atlanta, GA - 1st Place Middleweight
1975 - Open Karate/Taekwondo Championship - Grand Champion
1975 - Open Karate/Taekwondo Championship - Forms - 1st Place
1975 - John Woo Chung's 1st Anual Alabama Invitational - Forms -1st Place
1975 - 2nd U.S. Masters Tae Kwon Do Tournament, Norfolk, VA. - Forms - 1st Place
1980 - Music City Open Championship - Grand Champion
1980 - Music City Open Championship - Forms - 1st Place
                                  *Winner of Numerous Other Events


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