The Greats of Tae Kwon Do

Sung Soo Lee

Grand Master Sung Soo Lee
(Photo Courtesy of Grand Master Thomas F. Henzey)

                                                 Date and Place of Birth: 30/12/1936, Seoul, Korea.

1953: Joined Taekwondo Jidokwan, Seoul, Korea.
1956: Taekwondo Jidokwan 1st Dan.
1958-60: U.S.A. 8th Army Taekwondo Instructor in Seoul and Osan, Korea.
1959: Judo 1st Dan from Korea Judo Association. Guitar Tuition School opened, part time guitar performer in night clubs.
1961: Joined Hapkido class in Korean Army.
1963: Bachelor Degree of Physical Education at Seoul University, Korea.
1963-1973: Sports Writer at Orient Press.
1965: Korea Hapkido Association, Jungmookwan 1st Dan. Taekwondo Jidokwan Kunil School Open
1968: Taekwondo Jidokwan Instructor Training.
1972: Korea Taekwondo Association Instructor Training. Taekwondo Lecturer at Seoul National
University. Selected as
Singapore National Team coach by Korea Taekwondo Association for 2 year contract.

1973: Participation in 1st World Taekwondo Championship in Seoul as a Singapore Team Coach. Korea Hapkido
Association Jungmookwan 5th Dan. Hapkido Moohakkwan Open in Singapore.
1974: Australia Taekwondo Jidokwan established. Australia Hapkido Moohakkwan established.
1975: President of NSW State Taekwondo Association.
1976: World Taekwondo Federation 7th Dan. Participation in Hapkido Soongmookwan Instructor Training in Korea.
1978: Australia Taekwondo Association Vice President. Korea Hapkido Association 6th Dan.
1979: Australia Team Leader for World Taekwondo Championship in Taiwan.
1983: Korea Judo Association 2nd Dan. Korea Hapkido Soongmookwan Instructor Training in Seoul, Korea. Korea
Hapkido Association 7th Dan. Appointed International Committee Member in Korea Hapkido Association.
1984: World Taekwondo Federation 8th Dan.
1985: President of Australia Taekwondo Council. 1986: Self-Defence (taekwondo) Part Time Lecturer at Sydney
University in Physical Education. President of Australia Hapkido Federation.
1988: Korea Hapkido Federation 8th Dan. Australia Team Leader to New Caledonia-Australia Taekwondo Events (Numea).
1991: President of Australian Taekwondo Union.1993: International Invitation Taekwondo Championship Australia Team
Leader in Cyprus. Korea Taekwondo Association H.Q. Jidokwan 9th Dan. Appointed as Head Master of Taekwondo
Jidokwan in Australia by Korea Taekwondo Association H.Q.. World Taekwondo Federation H.Q. Taekwondo
Kukkiwon 9th Dan.
1996: Korea Hapkido Federation 9th Dan.


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