The Greats of Tae Kwon Do
Grandmaster Sung Hwan Chung

Grand Master Sun Hwan Chung
is a 9th Degree Black Belt who has been teaching the art of
Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do in the Kalamazoo area for over 34 years. He is currently the President
of the International Academy of Martial Arts (I.A.M.A.) Association Inc.

Professional History

Before establishing himself in the United States, Grand Master Chung was an instructor of the Korean Military
Personnel. He had taught martial arts to soldiers on active duty in Vietnam. Grand Master Chung was also a
Korean Army free-sparring instructor and he served on the Korean police force as a self-defense instructor.

Grand Master Chung is a proud recipient of numerous distinguished awards. In 1984, he was awarded 'The
KeysTo the City of Miami' by the city's own mayor and was recognized several times as the Master Instructor
of the Year by other TaeKwonDo schools and also by the Pan American Moo Duk Kwan society.

In addition to running his Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do training centers, Grand Master Chung is also teaching
at numerous colleges and schools. He has also written a textbook on Oriental Martial Arts United II called
"DongYang Moo Sool Do."


2003 Korean HapKiDo 9th Degree Grand Master

2000 Grand Master licensed 9th Dan

1993 WTF / Kukkiwan 9th Degree Grand Master

1975 Acupuncture Qualification from the Korean Acupuncture Association

1976 Acupressure (Suk) Specialist from the International Suki Specialist Association.

1977 WTF Certified International Referee

Work History/Experience

1963-66 Korean Military Tae Kwon Do Instructor

1963-65 Korean National Champion

1966 Asian Champion

1970 Immigrated to the United States of America (June 18)

1984 Pan American Moo Doo Kwan Society Secretary General

1990-92 Pan American Moo Doo Kwan Society Vice President

1992-94 Pan American Moo Doo Kwan Federation (later Pan American Moo Doo Kwan Society) President

1978 USTU Dojang Development Subcommittee Chairman

1986 USTU Scholastic Subcommittee Chairman

1986 World TaeKwonDo President Dr. Un Yong Kin (Former IOC Vice President) Bodyguard and the
1986 World Cup Championship

1987 Finland World Championship TaeKwonDo International Referee

1982-97 USTU Michigan TaeKwonDo Association President

1996 (October) Pan American TaeKwonDo Championship (Havana, Cuba) representing Bermuda Referee

1997 (August) 1997 Pan American Open Championship (Chicago, Ill.) International Referee

1998 WTF Referee Refresher Course (Lake Buena Vista, FL); U.S. Open International Referee

1970-Present International Academy of the Martial Arts Association, President

1979 Oriental Martial Arts I; authored and published

1985 Oriental Martial Arts II; authored and published

1998 Moo Sool Do United textbook (TaeKwonDo, TangSooDo, HapKiDo, MooSoolGi, KiGon);
authored and published

1998 Universal Educational Martial Arts United Federation , President


1961-63 Attendance Seoul Moonlhee Education College. Seoul, Korea

1991 (July) Bachelors of Science. P. Western University - LA California


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