First National USA AAU Taekwondo Team
2nd World Taekwondo Championships
Seoul, Korea 1975

Seated Left to Right Gary Mule, John Holloway, William Felton, Terrance Watson, Gerard Robbins and Dennis Robinson
(Photo Courtesy of Kyung Min)

Kyung Ho Min
Father of USA /AAU Taekwondo
Kyung Ho Min was responsible for organizing the USA team to the 1st and 2nd
World Championships. He was Team Manager for the 1st World Championship
and National Chairman of the AAU Taekwondo Committee and USA Team Mgr.
for the 2nd World Championship.  He also represented the USA Delegation in
the organizing Assembly of The World Taekwondo Federation and 2nd Assembly
of The conjunction with the 2nd World Championships.

1st  USA AAU National Team Members Terrance Watson,
John Holloway, Gerard Robbins and Dennis Robinson


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