YOON, Byung-in

Great GrandMaster YOON, Byung-in
(Photo Submitted by GM  Kim Pyung Soo)

The above rare photo is being released to the world via the internet for the very first time. This historic photo depicts
29 year old Great GrandMaster YOON, Byung-in, Founder of the Y.M.C.A. Kwon-Bop dojang, Changmookwan
and Kangdukwan Martial Arts Organizations. The above photo was taken in front of the Central Y.M.C.A. building
in Seoul, Korea.

Great Grandamster Yoon Byung-in was born in Musun area near Bong Cheon district of Manchuria, the 2nd son of
Mr. Yoon Myoung-keun on March 1, 1920.  He studied Chuan Fa (ChineseMartial Arts) under a Mongolian
teacher in his early youth.   He eventually moved to Japan where he attended Nihon Daigakku, (Japan University)
in Tokyo.  He was the first and only Korean National at that time who studied Chuan Fa.  He taught Chuan Fa or
"Kwon Bop" forms as he re-named the style  as well as Karate forms at the Central Y..M.C.A. in Seoul, Korea.
As the years passed, and  the martial arts in Korea particularly Taekwondo focused mainly on sports most of his
followerrs neglected and eventually forgot those valuable forms.  

You can still find the forms at the Chayon-Ryu ("Natural Way") Martial Arts Association in Houston Texas, USA.
The original Kwon Bop forms that can be found at the Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association include: Dan Kwon,
Jang Kwon, Dojusan, Taijo Kwon, Palgi Kwon, Soho Yon, and many others....    -  GM Kim Soo

      Kim Soo, Founder & President,
Kim Soo Karate, Inc.
International Chayon-Ryu Martial Arts Association


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