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How To Coach A Soccer Team - BOOK
Professional Advice on Training Plans, Skill Drills
and Tactical Analysis

By Tony Carr. Coached successfully, your players will build skills
and confidence as the team achieves a winning record. From setting
goals to safety issues, the definitive advice in this guide will become
indespensable to you throughout the season. Rely on it for:

- A proven pre-season training plan
- An in-season skill building program
- Strategic analysis and structured warm-up routines
- Simple drills to improve every aspect of the game
- Targeted on-field exercises
- Tips on dealing with problems and motivation

This balanced coaching approach will help you teach the skills needed
to take your team to the top and give it that winning edge.

Chapter 1 - Getting organized
Chapter 2 - Ball skills
Chapter 3 - Team play
Chapter 4 - Goalkeeping- the basics
Chapter 5 - Set plays
Chapter 6 - Solving problems
Chapter 7- Small sided games

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How To Coach Very Young Soccer Players DVD

The ideal DVD for any first time parent/coach of very young soccer players.
On-the-field practice sessions clearly explain and demonstrate how the parent/
coach can teach basic soccer skills in a "learn and have fun" system.
Interactionbetween the parent/coach and young children is emphasized -
remember youare coaching young children, not young adults. Full of "how to"
tips, fun games and basic skills. Everything you ever wanted to know on
how to coach very young soccer players is on this award winning video.  60 minutes!

DVD Special Features:
23 minutes of previously unreleased 'Backyard Games' footage
Select games from the 'Soccer Games' series
Interactive Menus
Scene Selection
Crystal Clear Slo-mo and freeze frame
Dolby AC-3 Digital Stereo

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