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FIFA World Cup DVD Collection!

15 Discs - 24 Hours!

  Get your face paint on!

The FIFA Soccer World CupTM DVD Collection 1930-2006
is the ultimate compilation for soccer fans!

See highlights from the first World Cup final in 1930 between Uruguay and Argentina. Even hear from
players who were there! Get highlights and films covering the drama and history of every World Cup
through 2006: superstar Pelé winning his first Cup in 1958, Germany’s intense 1-0 victory over Argentina
in 1990, USA’s successful tournament in ’94. Even go behind the scenes for thetotal World Cup experience.
Plus, watch 15 bonus documentaries on the world’s best players: Cruyff, Beckenbauer, rohaldihno, Muller,
Platini, Pele, Beckham, Baggio, both ronaldos and more! and see 150 of the most amazing goals, kicks,
headers and much, much more!- 15 DVDs featuring 24 hours of World CupTM history.

- 15 bonus documentaries highlighting the careers of the world’s best players
- Highlights from every World Cup final, from 1930-2006
- 15 bonus Top Ten lists – 150 amazing moments in soccer!
- Events leading up to the very first World Cup
- Historical footage from every tournament

• disc one- 1930 Uruguay 1934 Italy
                 1938 France 1950 Brazil
• disc two- 1954 Switzerland
• disc three- 1958 Sweden
• disc four- 1962 Chile
• disc five- 1966 England
• disc six- 1970 Mexico
• disc seven- 1974 Germany
• disc eight- 1978 Argentina
• disc nine- 1982 Spain
• disc ten- 1986 Mexico
• disc eleven- 1990 Italy
• disc twelve- 1994 USA
• disc thirteen- 1998 France
• disc fourteen- 2002 Korea/ Japan
• disc fifteen- 2006 Germany

15 Disc Set  24 Hours!      
Price: $89.99   Add 2 Cart