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To the Next Level and Beyond
(Mental Self Training Book and CD)

The self-training book offers a step-by-step approach to mastering 35 of the most essential skills to play an effective and complete game of soccer. Using an integrated "whole player" approach, the book organizes skill development into 5 distinct categories: the physical (strength, speed, stamina, etc), the technical (ball control, finishing, heading, etc), the tactical (distribution, vision, creativity, etc.), the psychological (intensity, confidence, mental toughness, etc.) and the social (attitude, coachability, leadership, etc). Complete with training plans, assessment checklists, goal-setting exercises, mental training tips and player improvement graphs, the book empowers players to move through skill development at their own pace. A perfect supplement for players who want to work on perfecting their game in preparation for a big tournament or major competition.

The CD utilizes the sports psychology technque of visualization to enhance player performance and enjoyment of the game. The content motivates players, instills confidence, hones concentration skills, and fosters crucial stress-managment abilities while also cultivating technical precision, tactical awareness and mental preparation. Designed to address the game-related challenges unique to each position, the CD offers a different mental rehearsal track for forwards, midfielders, defenders and goalkeepers. Whether its used as a pre-game warm up technique or imagery practice device, the CD helps players gain a sense of readiness, competence and confidence as they prepare for the high-stake demands of competitive soccer.

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