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European Championship 2000 Videos

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Euro 2000 - Story and Highlights

The greatest players and teams in Europe took center
stage in Belgium and Holland and put on a show for
the ages. Relive the magic as France become the first
reigning World Cup Champion to capture the European
Cup. Watch mighty Holland dominate the early rounds                  
only to falter from the penalty spot in the semi-final against
surprising Italy. See England fall as Romania make good
on a last minutepenalty. Follow it all, game by game, round
by round, through to the final thunderous strike by Trezeguet
of France. Euro 2000 was a showcase of scintillating talent
and non-stop drama. Experience it all over again in this                    
outstanding video!     

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Euro 2000 - All the Goals, Great Saves
and Near Misses

See all 85 goals, a host of  spectacular saves, and
some heart-stopping near misses from the 2000
European Championships in this exciting video!
Featuring the greatest players in Europe: Zidane,
Henry and Barthez of champion France; Kluivert,
Overmars and van der Sar of Holland; Italy`s Inzaghi,
Totti and Toldo; Englishmen Shearer and Owen;
Portugal`s Figo; Yugoslavia`s Milosevic;
Raul of Spain; and many, many more! This video
is packed with excitement and unforgettable
memories from one of the most well played
and dramatic tournaments in history!  
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 (NTSC Format Only - NOT Available in PAL) 


Euro 2000 Final Match - France v Italy                      

This epic match was a fitting end to a spectacular
tournament. Watch as France snatch victory from
the jaws of defeat against Italy, who were seconds
away from the championship. Sylvain Wiltford`s
equalizer at the end of regulation time set the stage
for David Trezeguet`s heroic Golden Goal. Full of
fearless, attack-minded soccer, this exciting match
has a place on every soccer fan`s video shelf!
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 (NTSC Format  - NOT Available in PAL

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                                  Euro2000 - Holland v Yugoslavia
While the result was never in doubt, the breathtaking
show of attacking soccer put on by the Dutch in this
Euro 2000 quarter-final match made it one of the most                              
entertaining games of the tournament. In perhaps one
of the greatest ever displays of mastery over every phase
of play and the opponent, Holland dominated Yugoslavia
so completely, comparisons to the great Oranje teams of
the 70`s were inevitable. Whether you are a soccer fanatic
or a coach looking for a live-action example of the game in
its finest and purest form, this performance has it all!  


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EURO 2000 Collection - VHS VIDEO ONLY

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