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The Official History of the UEFA
Champions League DVD
Since 1993 the Champions League has become the worlds
Premier Club competition. From its humble beginnings in 1956
(when it was known as the Champions Cup) this competition
has attracted the worldwide attention of soccer fans everywhere.
This program captures almost 50 years of the greatest teams, the
greatest matches, the greatest players, the magical history of this
fabled competition, and all the drama and excitement that is
THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE. .   110 Minutes!

Sections Include: The History, The Best Clubs, The Finals
The Best Players, The Season 2000-2001, Plus, a hidden surprise!

DVD Special Features:

- Dolby AC-3 Stereo Audio
- Interactive Menus
- English, Spanish, Italian and Japanese Audio Channels
- Technical Schedules of the winning teams
- Bonus Footage

Item #S-5498    Price  $34.95   NO LONGER AVAILABLE