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Goalkeeping - The DiCicco Method 1

by Tony DiCicco- Head Coach, 1999
Women's World Cup Champs

This comprehensive series provides a detailed and
organized presentation for keepers and coaches.
Each video is loaded with progressional drills and
training tips that will improve any goalkeeper's or
coach's understanding of the position. With
demonstrations from both male and female
goalkeepers at the high school, collegiate, and
international level, this series is designed for all
levels. By Tony DiCicco, Head Coach of the US
Women's National team. Gold Medal winners- 1996
Olympics and 1999 World Cup Champions!
Tape 1
Goalkeeper stance and footwork
Basic catching techniques
Boxing, Tipping
The breakaway save, Part 1
The diving progression
Handling crossed balls, Part 1
Positioning, Part 1
The psychology of goalkeeping, Part 1

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