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Simply Shearer

Alan Shearer- from Euro '96 To The Champions
League. His brilliant performance brought worldwide
recognition and the title of "world's most expensive footballer"
when he signed for Newcastle United. The great goals and the
great moments when he achieved not one- but two of his lifetime
ambitions- to wear the number 9 shirt of Newcastle United, and to captain his
National Team in Europe's greatest soccer spectacular- Euro '96.   60 Minutes.

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The Pro Training Skill Factor

featuring Alan Shearer

Soccer Coaching will never be the same again. This is truly a unique coaching tool.
For the serious player and coach this 74 minute video offers coaching advice not
only on skills but tactics and stratagies as well. The use of training sessions, match
footage and exciting graphics combine to effectively demonstrate all teaching points
and shows how to conduct the actual coaching sessions. Training sessions featured
include the England National team and Manchester United. Game footage includes
the national teams of Brazil, England and the USA. Training sessions include:

Winning the ball back-

# Individual pressure
# Group pressure
# Team pressure

Change mode

# Defense to attack to defense
# Attacking after defending the penalty area
# Keeping possession
# Quickness
# Change of speed

Defending as a Group/Team-

# Defensive pressure to buy time
# Man pressure and coverage
# Defending from the midfield & back four

Attacking and scoring-

# Crossing and finishing
# The crossing game
# Shooting
# 5v5 & floater
# Shooting when through on goal

Attacking play-

# Position and movement
# Possession and penetration
# Phase play

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