Sepp Blatter is a very happy man today. In fact the United States can probably claim a World Cup victory... of sorts already.  You see President Blatter liked the way that America handled it's historic first World Cup in 1994.  That might add up to him throwing in his support for another World Cup in the U.S. within the beginning of the next century.  It is reported that it might even happen as early as the year 2010.

Blatter have served as FIFA's General secretary for more that 17 years working closely with former President Joao Havelange who is retiring at 82 years of age. That affiliation (with Havelange) should go a long way in the continued development of soccer as a world sport and bringing the World Cup back to American soil.  Blatter's opponent Lennart Johansson the president of UEFA expressed displeasure with his defeat by stating " I'm loyal to the president, but I'm not going to obey everything he says."  

During his campaign Blatter was the first to initiate an internet website to promote his ideas.

Some thought Johannson might taste victory having in his camp the poweful support of Brazil's Minister of Sports Pele but it was not to be with the tally at 111-80 after the first vote.

At right website author Gerard Robbins presents Sepp Blatt with one of a limited number of the posters upon which is affixed an actual preserved piece of grass extracted from the playing surface of World Cup 1994. The grass contained in clear acrylic blocks had previously been presented to several stars of World Cup 1994/98 including  '1994 winning coach Carlos Alberto Parreira , current coach Mario Zagallo and players Romario, Bebeto, Zinho, Taffarel, Mauro Silva, Branco, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo.

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