Deon Burton and the Reggae Boyz made history when they qualified the tiny island nation of Jamaica for World Cup 1998.  It was not a surprise to them if you ask any of them particularly their coach Brazilian born Renee Simoes. They did not remain content with qualifying for France 1998 but continued on an extraordinary path tieing with World Cup Champion Brasil during the recent CONCACAF Gold Cup matches held in the USA. During that same tournament Jamaica garnered a tie with the ever strong eventual Gold Cup winner Mexico.

Complimenting Jamaica's highly talented group of players at France98 will be #18 - forward Deon Burton. Born on October 25, 1976, Deon Burton is a relative newcomer to international soccer playing only 5 international caps. He was a member of the elite "REST OF THE WORLD" team which bested "EUROPE" earlier this year. Although his  international debut was a 1997 game against Canada, he honed his skills playing with Derby County - English League.  
La Cancha had the privledge of interviewing Deon during our coverage of the recent Gold Cup held in California.

                                 EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW

Q: How would describe Jamaica's pre World Cup success and were you surprised by the success?
A; No, our success is not a surprise because we gain confidence with each game that we play. We seem to be getting better and learning many things.

Q: Where did you begin playing?
A: In my home town Reddin where I went to school.

Q: What would you consider to be your most significant achievements so far?
A: I'd have to say representing the "Rest of the World" against "Europe" and making the World Cup finals with Jamaica in Marseille

Q: Who do you think will be Jamaica's toughest opponent during the World Cup finals?
A:  There will be no easy games. Every game will be hard with the best teams in the world competing there.

Q: What is your opinion of the African teams such as Tunisia and Nugeria?
A: Well, I dont's really know much about the African teams so I can't really say much.

Q: How do you think your team will do against Brasil in France?
A; It will be a totally different game because the games here are only a warmup to the World Cup. They don't really have all of their good players here but I can see the game in France being a really good game. We will always give it our best and therefore anything is possible.

Q: Do you think Jamaica will win the World Cup, and if so why?
A: Yes, every team goes into the World Cup thinking they are going to win the cup so I'd like to say yea, hopefully we would be able to win the World Cup. But looking at it from a proper angle , maybe we could, but  I don't think at the moment we've learned enough in the short period of time that we've been together to win it this time . We are going to try our best.and if we did win it it will open the doors for every player that comes from Jamaica!.


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