and Jet Asia Limited to Provide Charter Jet Services during Women' s World Cup 2003

So, you're planning that business trip to Asia, and you'd like to see as much of the local country and culture as possible. Maybe you're considering attending the Women's World Cup hosted in China . This year's event, being the first ever held in China promises to be the biggest and best ever. As thrilling as the games will be, you'll no doubt want to see as much of these exotics land as possible … before and after the games.   If your flight to Asia originates in Europe or North America, the length of the flight itself is bound to be tiring. When you arrive at your destination, there's always a long line to get through Immigration and Customs, followed by the trek to the luggage area, which always seems to be located at the end of a 3-mile long maze. After you've retrieved your luggage (that is, if it made the same flight), and you've boarded the shuttle bus, you eventually arrive at your hotel, where you're greeted by yet another long line at check-in. By the time your bags are unpacked you're pretty worn out. What's more, you realize that you should have planned a few more days into your trip, as you may have already lost a day!

Some elements of international travel cannot be avoided. However, once you've reached your primary destination, the remainder of your trip should be as stress-free as possible. In the case of the Women's World Cup, particularly  if you're traveling to China for the first time, your passage through Immigration and Customs should be as swift and hassle-free as possible, with ground transportation waiting to transfer you to your hotel. What might really make your trip to the Women's World Cup complete is the ability to customize your flight schedule.

To assist you in accomplishing your Asian travel goals, La Cancha magazine is proud to announce that we have partnered with Jet Asia Limited, the "Air Limousine of Asia." Jet Asia can provide our readership with customized charter jet services in China. In fact, Jet Asia can fly you at almost a moment's notice, to any destination in Asia, while doing so at reasonable rates. Imagine the convenience of having a cabin-class twin jet (up to 12 passengers) to transport you and your group between the various World Cup venues next summer. No more long lines at the airport ticket counter and again at the boarding area where you're waiting for your plane to arrive. Jet Asia can also assist with your ground transportation, taking you to and from the airport without long lines and long waiting times. While in the air, you will enjoy VIP treatment, with finely catered menus, inflight movies and music, and onboard phones and faxing capabilities. And because it's custom charter, you can make changes to your itinerary before and during the trip.

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