Arlene Limas attended Walt Disney Magnet Grammar School, a school for gifted Chicago Residents, where she
graduated with honors. Then she attended Whitney Young Magnet High School, which is recognized as having one
of the best Academic Programs in the nation. Not only was Arlene on the Honor Roll all four years but she was also
class Vice-President, recipient of the Citizenship Award and winner of the Carnation Co. Scholarship for "Education" Essay. Arlene not only excelled in Academics but she also excelled in many other sports besides Martial Arts. Arlene
was the "Most Valuable Player" for Softball three years in a row, and was a Varsity member for Tennis, Basketball,
and Track & Field. In addition to her sports activities Arlene managed to play Viola in the "All City" orchestra all four years during High School.

Arlene graduated from De Paul University in the Spring of 1990 with a Bachelor Degree in Political Science and many credits toward a Minor Degree in Athletic Training. During college Arlene worked summers as a Physical Education Coordinator for the University of Illinois NCAA summer sports program. She has also coordinated sports programs for the interest group "Concerned Hispanics."

In 1990, moving to the Washington Area, Arlene worked under Jeff Smith. Jeff Smith is a reputable martial artist and businessman owning three successful schools in the Northern Virginia area. Arlene ran Mr. Smith's largest school with over 350 students.

In May of 1993 Arlene opened her own school, Power Kix in Stafford after being opened only 6 ½ years she has 300 active students and growing strong!

In September 17, 1988, Arlene Limas made history when she became the first American, the first female to win a gold medal at the 24th Olympic Games in Seoul, Korea in the sport of Tae Kwon Do.

Ms. Limas, a member of the United States Tae Kwon Do team for six years competes in a sport that has seen extraordinary growth throughout the United States and worldwide.

From the popularity of Bruce Lee, Chuck Norris, and Jackie Chan movies and related publications and the dramatic increase in the number of martial arts schools and tournaments across America, Judo, Kung-Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do practitioners number in the 20 millions.

Tae Kwon Do originated in Korea and is a physical art that requires its practitioners be proficient in the use of both their hands and feet, moving offensively and defensively with the precision of a chess master, the grace of a figure skater and the finesse of a boxer. It is also a sport that captures the hearts and minds of on-site television audiences around the world.

Ms. Limas a graduate in Political Science at De Paul University is an intelligent, articulate and personable individual who has addressed audiences both large and small. In addition to her 1988 Gold Medal, her credits included innumerable national, world and collegiate championships. Her record is an impressive one that rivals other world class athletes.

International Competitive History
Arlene Limas 

World University Championships, Gold Medalist (Berkley Ca.) 1986
World University Championships, Gold Medalist (Berkley Ca.) 1986
Collegiate Athlete of the Year; 1987
National Championships Gold Medalist 1987
Olympic Team Member (Tae Kwon Do), 1988
Olympic Gold Medalist - Welterweight Division, Seoul, Korea 1988
March of Dimes Amateur Athlete of the Year, 1989
National Championships Gold Medalist, 1990
Olympic Sports Festival Captain (West Team) and Gold Medalist 1989 & 1990
Pan-Am Tae Kwon Do Championships (Puerto Rico) Gold Medalist, 1990
World University Games (Spain) Team Captain & Gold Medalist, 1990
World Cup Gold Medalist (Spain), 1990
National Championships Welterweight Gold Medalist, 1991
U. S. Taekwondo Union "Woman of the Year", 1991
Olympic Festival Gold Medalist , 1991
World Championships Gold Medalist ( Athens, Greece ) 1991
National Championships Gold Medalist, 1998
U.S. Team Trials Silver Medalist, 1998
Olympic Weight Division Qualifier Gold Medalist 1998
Choson Cup Olympic Weight Division Invitational Gold Medalist , (Australia) 1998
Pan Am Games Team Trials Silver Medalist, 1999
U.S. Team Trials Gold Medalist, 1999

Selected as one of the top TKD fighters of the 20th century
by TKD Times and Martial Arts Illustrated. 2000

A member of the Washington/Baltimore Regional Coalition 2012
Board of Directors. An organization attempting to bring the Olympics
to the Washington Area

An Executive Committee member WBRC 2012.

Named "Woman of Vision" - Latin Women's Organization for Business
Professional Involvement, 1989