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Roberto Carlos was born in Garca, Brasil on April 10, 1973. This extraordinary defender with
the current Brazilian National team has appeared in over 35 international matches. His clubs include Unian Sao Paolo until 1992.  He played with Palmieras Sao (1993/94) scoring 4 goals in 45 matches. His next team was Inter Milan (1995/96) scoring 30 goals.  Currently with Real Madrid he has already scored more than 37 goals.  Other honors include Spanish League Champion, Winner of Copa America, Bronze medalist at 1996 Olympic Football Tournament , 1994 Brazilian League Champion, and 1994 Sao Paulo Champion. Although a defender, he was tied in nomination points with Ronaldo for FIFA Player of the Year for1997.  His trademarks are tremendous speed combined with an ability to produce an amazing mid-air curbing ball, doing so not only from a free-kick opportunity but also while in motion during a blistering attack  Because of his attacking style is more often than not mistaken as a being a forward.  Yet with all of his talent he remains humble, softspoken and always approachable to fans as well as press.  We met Roberto Carlos recently in Paris France where he was honored by FIFA along with teammate with Ronaldo for being two of the finest footballers of 1997.  That distinction of Best Player of 1997 which was ultimately awarded to Ronaldo does not detract from the immense admiration and respect that  Roberto Carlos has earned and received from coaches, fellow players and fans.
It is for these above reasons in addition to his enormous sense of humor that we presented Roberto Carlos with our highly sought-after  acyrilic block containing preserved grass from World Cup 1994, and named him our "1997 HOMBRE DE LA CANCHA."    
Below is an exclusive interview conducted with Roberto Carlos in Paris, France.

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Exclusive Interview

Q: Do you regret not being chosen as FIFA's Player of  1997 particularly being in a nominational tie with the eventual winner and your teammate Ronaldo?
A: Absolutely not. It is a tremendous honor just to be considered for the award. In the past great players have won the award. Ronaldinho is without doubt one of the most talented players of this generation. I cannot think of another player who deserves the honor more than he.

Q: How does it feel to be a member of Brasil's World Cup team and what is your opinion generally speaking with regard to this current selection?
A:  It's a great feeling. I am very proud to be a member of our national team. I think we have ione of the best teams assembled for this World Cup competition. There's is still alot of work to do to prepare for the World Cup but as a team we will be prepared.

Q: Who would you consider will be Brasil's toughest opponent in France98?
A: I believe that Brasil has a very good team and has the experience and ability to win a fifth World Cup title. I don't believe that the victory will be easy as there are many very good teams participating this time.  Germany, Italy and Argentina just to name a few have always participated at a consistently high level.  In addition. the world is a much smaller place. Players are traveling abroad and gaining a huge amount of experience playing on European and South American leagues.

Q: Who do you consider to be the best player of all time?
A: There are many great players in different positions, however if we are talking about the complete player it would have to be Pele. I don't think we will see another player like him even in within the next few generations.

Q: As La Cancha focuses on the playing surfaces we will ask you as we have other players. What stadium for you has the best quality grass playing surface.  And what type of surface do you prefer to play on.
A: That's a tough question, one I haven't really thought about often. However in my opinion Wembley in England has the best grass surface.  It is very even like carpet, and cut short in length. This is the type of surface that I play best on.  If the surface is even and low cut ,the ball will travel faster. In addition, Wembley, the stadium itself also has a unique historical background.   

Q: What advise would you give to the youth of today?
A: Well the only thing I can say stay away from drugs and go to school. Everyone was not meant to have a career in futbol. However, whatever it is you are doing try to do it as best as you can. It is also very important be a positive example for others to follow


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