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Brasil is not only favored to beat Scotland during the first match of World Cup 1998,but to win the World Cup for an unprecedented 5th time. You would think that Brasil should have no trouble doing so as the team is comprised of some of the most talented players on the planet. Be that as it may, many people including the greatest, Pele have expresseed concern that Brasil has not been playing well as a team. It has also been suggested that Brasil might be dethroned on French turf for just that reason. Even coach Mario Zagallo has indicated concern about the difficult, possibly disasterous time ahead for his team.

But for now, we will put aside the opinions of all those experts, and provide you with the thoughts of a few Scottish fans. If what you read below in our interviews  with Jimmy and Eddie does not enlighten you, it certainly will entertain you. We met them recently at a World Cup friendly match between Scotland and Columbia which ended in a 2-2 draw. While Columbia drew one of it's goals in a penalty kick situation, Scotland scored twice on the field.

     Jimmy Briggs - Dundee

Q: What city are you from in Scotland and who is your favorite Scottish league team?
A: I'm originally from Dundee and Dundee United is my favorite team

Q: How long have you been followed Dundee United?
A: Since I was an embryo.

Q: What is Scotland going to do against Brasil to beat them?
A: Well, we're going to whip there ass. This is the second time in our history that we've played Brasil. They played us in 1974 and they beat us then and they should not have. This time around it will be Scotland's time. In 1974 that beat us but we were actually the best team.

Q: Now with the World Cup just around the corner,  and the first game being played at the Stade de France what will Scotland do in the opening match.
A: We are the underdog and the scene is that the undergone always comes through. We invented football. These guys are our pupils and we are the tutors.

Q: Who should the world watch on the Scotland team?
A: To be perfectly honest, all the players are *S#&t!, there's no great individual but, they work as a team. They work as a unit.. they not playing as individuals. Romario and Ronaldo are (unintelligible)..but we are different. We play as a team as a unit,and that's what's different between us and Brasil.

Q: If Mario Zagallo was here right now, what would you tell him?
A: I would tell him that he was ridiculous to pick his team nine weeks before playing Scotland because he's in for a big scare. He's going to be on shaky ground when he returns to Brasil.

                 EDDIE McGEE - OBIN       

                                                                                     Q:Where are you from in Scotland and what is your favorite team.
A: I'm from Obin in Scotland and my favorite team is Celtic which were the champions this year.

Q:What do you think will be Scotland's strategy against Brasil the best team in the world?
A: who says Brasil's the best team in the world. Our strategy is very simple. We're going to play to play a 1-2-9 formation, one goalkeeper, two defenders and nine forwards. Really surprise and annihilate them. Scotland will beat Brasil. Let's not kid ourselves here see this Braveheart t-shirt, you've seen the film. Scotland is all about adversity.  Alot of people have written Scotland off but Scotland has produced some of it's best results against great teams and some of the poorer results against small teams. So the game against Brasil is made for Scotland. That is a classic Scotland game.

Q: If Brazilian coach Mario Zagallo were here right now, what would you say tio him?
A: Mario, fair enough you've got Ronaldo, but we've got Craig Burly, Tom Boyd, and Jackie McNamara.


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