2005 World Taekwondo Championships -  2005 DVD 2005 World Taekwondo Championships - 2005 DVD 2005 World Taekwondo Championships 2005 DVD

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2005 World Taekwondo Championships 2005 DVD


Now you can get the Official DVD's from the 17th Mens and the
10th Womens World Taekwonwdo Championships 2005. Relive
the glory of Olympic Champions Hadi Saei and Steven Lopez gain
another World Title each, and see Diana and Mark Lopez joining
their brother Steven as World Champions in this spectacular event.

Get all the semi finals (full matches not highlights!) and all the finals
from Madrid and there are bonus Preliminary rounds on all male

This 4 DVD Set has over 8 hours of the best in Taekwondo in the
World and for a limited time you can Pre Order your copy of the
World Championships 2005

NTSC / 4 Disks / 480 min    
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Volume 1

Female Fin -47kg

Semis - Sumeyye Gulec GER v Belen Asensio ESP

- Eun Young Yu KOR v Mandy Meloon USA

Final - Belen Asensio ESP v Eun Young Yu KOR

Male Fin -54kg - Prelims +

Semis - Gerardo Rodriguez MEX v Jin Hee Kim KOR

- Nafjam Feirollah IRI v Sefula Megomedov RUS

Final - Nafjam Feirollah IRI v Jin Hee Kim KOR

Female Fly -51kg

Semis - B Yagüe ESP v Daynelli Montejo CUB

- Nevena Lukic AUT v Ying Wang CHN

Final - B Yagüe ESP v Ying Wang CHN

Male Fly -58kg - Prelims +

Semis - Behrad Khodadad IRI v Dech Sutthikunarn THA

- Long Dinh Thanh VIE v Seok Hwa Ko KOR

Final - Behrad Khodadad IRI v Seok Hwa Ko KOR

Volume 2

Female Bantam -55kg

Semis - Eman Helmy Ahmed EGY v Zeynap Murat TUR

- Bo Hye Kim KOR v Orphee Ladouceur CAN

Final - Zeynap Murat TUR v Bo Hye Kim KOR

Male Bantam -62kg - Prelims +

Semis - Marcio Wenceslau BRA v Llan Goldshmidt ISR

- Kivanç Dinçsalman TUR v Jae Sik Kim KOR

Final - Marcio Wenceslau BRA v Jae Sik Kim KOR

Female Feather -59kg

Semis - Bineta Diedhiou SEN v Sae Rom Kim KOR

- Diana Lopez USA v Karine Sergerie CAN

Final - Sae Rom Kim KOR v Diana Lopez USA

Male Feather -67kg - Prelims +

Semis - Dennis Bekkers NED v Mark Lopez USA

- Aritz Itsisoa ESP v Myeong Seob Song KOR

Final - Mark Lopez USA v Myeong Seob Song KOR

Volume 3

Female Light -63kg

Semis - Carmen Marton AUS v Wen Su Li TPE

- Chonnapas Premwaew THA v Edna Diaz MEX

Final - Wen Su Li TPE v Edna Diaz MEX

Male Light -72kg - Prelims +

Semis - Alan Akoev RUS v Carlos Vasquez VEN

- Takahino Niimi JAP v Hadi Saei IRI

Final - Alan Akoev RUS v Hadi Saei IRI

Female Welter -67kg

Semis - Gwladys Epangue FRA v Sandra Saric CRO

- Ibone Lallana ESP v Kyung Seon Hwang KOR

Final - Gwladys Epangue FRA v Kyung S Hwang KOR

Male Welter -78kg - Prelims +

Semis - Daniel Jukic AUS v Tajik Ali IRI

- Steven Lopez USA v Rosendo Alonso ESP

Final - Tajik Ali IRI v Steven Lopez USA

Volume 4

Female Middle -72kg

Semis - Sarah Stevenson GBR v Sun Young Jung KOR

- Natalia Falavigna BRA v Aitziber Los Arcos ESP

Final - Sarah Stevenson GBR v Natalia Falavigna BRA

Male Middle -84kg - Prelims +

Semis - Seon Taek Oh KOR v Yossef Karami IRI

- Bruno Ntep FRA v Jon Garcia ESP

Final - Seon Taek Oh KOR v Jon Garcia ESP

Female Heavy +72kg

Semis - Riu Liu CHN v Iniabelle Diaz PUR

- Laurence Rase BEL v Kyung Hyeon Sin KOR

Final - Iniabelle Diaz PUR v Kyung Hyeon Sin KOR KO

Male Heavy +84kg - Prelims

+ Semis -

Jun Nyung Heo KOR v Rubén Montesinos ESP

- Leonardo Basile ITA v Zrouri Abdelkader MAR

Final - Rubén Montesinos ESP v Zrouri Abdelkader MAR

NTSC / 4 Disks / 480 min
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