Historic Moments of Tae Kwon Do
First World Taekwondo Championships
(Seoul, Korea - 1973)

Richard Chun and Ed Sell lead the USA contingent into the Kukkiwon at the First World Taekwondo Championships - Seoul Korea - 1973
(Photo courtesy of G/M Ed Sell

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Mike Warren
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Joseph Hayes
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Albert Cheeks
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Taekwondo legends Mike Warren, Joseph Hayes, and Albert Cheeks (above)
formed the nucleus of the USA team that competed in the 1st World Taekwondo
Championships held in Korea in 1973. They are considered by many experts to
have been the best traditional Taekwondo players the world has ever produced.

Medals won by Team USA at First World TKD Championships
Mike Warren won the individual Silver while Albert Cheeks and
Joseph Hayes won the Bronze.  The USA won the overall Silver.


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