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Ronaldinho DVD - A day in the life of
the reigning king of soccer as never seen before.
Go behind the scenes with one of the most skillful,
enigmatic and charismatic athletes in the world, the
great Ronaldinho.

Away from the glare of the media, we see him in a
different light, a family man with a passion for more
than just soccer. In his most in-depth and open
interview to date, Ronaldinho takes us through his
career as he recounts his favorite goals and the
players who have inspired him, he talks frankly
about his family and religion, as well as his
passion for music.  A rare look into the life of
one of the greatest footballers the world has ever seen!
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Brazil Home Jersey
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Brazil Jacket
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Brazil Cap
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Brazil Natl. Team Hooded Sweatshirt
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Pele - The Master and His Method DVD

The classic video from the King of Soccer is now on DVD! Pele reveals
the extraordinary skills which propelled him to soccer immortality, and
demonstrates them in a fashion which excited and inspires. Ball juggling,
dribbling, trapping, passing, shooting, heading - all are here along with
Pele`s perspective on goalkeeping, penalties, free kicks, and match
conditioning. Pele discusses his training techniques, his emphasis on
practice and his "feel" for the game.

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Pele - The King of Soccer

This fully interactive CD-ROM is the most comprehensive
reference on Pele ever produced. Highlight reel, biography,
instructional video and trivia game all in one! Inside you will

-The details and statistics of Pele`s 1,364
matches, many of which include photos and magical video

The Life of Pele-Follow the fantastic journey of the
little Brazilian boy who became the athlete of the century.
A searchable database of more than 180 photographs and
60 minutes of video covering everything Pele : the matches,
the goals, the stories, and the championships. Also includes
an exclusive video interview in which the King himself speaks
of his life and the game.
Skills Workshop-The art of soccer
illustrated in detail by Pele. Each skill is shown on video and
broken down step-by-step.
Trivia Game-Test your
knowledge of the life of Pele with this entertaining and
educational game.
System Requirements:
Pentium Class Processor, 16MB RAM, Sound Blaster or
compatible, Windows 3.1 or higher. Excellent

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           A Video Collectors Dream!  - TWO TAPE SET!
Brazil - The Heart of Football
Journey to the 2002 World Cup - VIDEO
They have won football's most precious prize four  times they
have appeared in all sixteen World Cup tiurnements, and they
have a history and passion for the world's greatest sport as no
other nation.  Brazil - The Heart of Football, follows the
Brasilianm National Team as they qualify for their 17th World Cup.
It is a long and winding road, taking in 18 matches and lasting
close to two years.  Click Here For Info And To Order.

World Cup Volume One - 1930-1962 -  DVD

The legend begins in Uruguay in 1930 then moves to Europe
amidst great controversy in 1934 and 1938, producing a series
of memorable matches. The South Americans returned to glory
and the USA defeated England in 1950. Hungary and West
Germany emerged through from classic matches to reach the
1954 Final. The 17 year old Pele was introduced to the world
as Brazil dominated in 1958 and introduced the 4-3-3 system
to great effect as they swept through the 1962 tournament.

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Brazilian Juggling Magic
This unique DVD shows two incredible juggling
routines which will give you many ideas to help
your players become as one with the ball.
The first was filmed at the Zico Soccer School
in Rio and the other at the famed Maracana Stadium.

Your players will practice these skills for hours!

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Brazilian Soccer Warm Ups

The famous Brazilian Warm Up based on
Rhythm and Team Unity.


* Passive stretching
* Active Rhythmic exercises
* Complete warm-up circuit
* Keep Away exercises
* Goalkeeper warm up

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Brazilian Soccer - Skills and Tactics with Zico

One of Brazil`s greatest players, Zico brings his depth of
knowledge and passion for the game to this
3 tape series. He
demonstrates his legendary skills through clear, precise
demonstrations shown from different angles and in slow motion.
Action footage of Brazil and Kashima Antlas, who Zico coached
to the "J" League Championship, shows the skills and tactics
Zico teaches being used in game situations. The skills are
taught with a series of drills to develop the techniques and
confidence on the ball and under pressure. Zico diagrams each
key element of positional play and tactical segments on a game
board before using small sided games and game footage to
clearly illustrate the plays and tactical concepts.


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Brazlian Soccer Skills and Tactics With Zico
Zico, one of the greatest Brazilian players ever, brings his knowledge
and passion for the game to this
2-CD-ROM set.  Included is all the
video footage from his bestselling 3 Video series. Excellent for players
and coaches at all levels.Skills and Techniques, Passing, Receiving,
Ball Control, Dribbling, Shooting, and Heading Throw-ins, Position
Play, Striker, Midfield, Defender, Goalkeeper, Tactics, Offense
and Defense Formations, Player Training, Slow Motion and Full
Screen Options!     ORDER HERE

Ronaldo - A Legend in the Making

The definitive profile of the Greatest Player in the World today.
Contains game footage from World Cup 98. NEW.
AVAILABLE IN NTSC ONLY (compatible in US, Japan . . .)

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