Will Taekwondo Rules Prevail?
Karate Illustrated Magazine - July 1980


Gerard Robbins, 8th Dan


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First Official USA National AAU Taekwondo Team
2nd World Taekwondo Championships
Seoul, Korea


Kyung Ho Min top far right and First USA AAU Taekwondo Team Members seated L-R
William Felton, Gerard Robbins, Dennis Robinson, Terrance Watson, Frank Rodriguez,
Gary Mule, Clark Murphy, Robert Phillips and John Holloway
(Photo / Kyung Ho Min)
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Gerard Robbins (right) in 2nd World Taekwondo Games at Kukkiwon in 1

                                                                                                                                    Gerard Robbins
                                                                                      Competitve Record

1st National USA  A.A.U. Taekwondo Black Belt Poomsae Gold Medalist - 1975
1st National USA  A.A.U. Taekwondo Heavyweight Gold Medalist - 1975

1st Pan Am Taekwondo Championships, Mexico 1978  (Hvy-Gold)
1st West Coast Open Taekwondo Open 1978, California - Grand Champion
1st Carribean Taekwondo Championships , 1978 - St. Thomas,VI, Grand Champion
1st Carribean Taekwondo Championships , 1978 - St. Thomas,VI, Forms Champion
2nd Carribean Taekwondo Championships , 1979 - St. Thomas,VI, Grand Champion
1972 Kwak Byung Yul's Pennsylannia Taekwondo Open - Grand Champion
1973 Mahn Suh Park's Tae Kyun Championships - Philadelphia - Grand Champion
1974 Gary Alexanders Invitational - Union New Jersey - Grand Champion
1975 Pu Gill Kwon Universal Taekwondo Championships - Grand Champion
1975 Nam Son Paek's Tournament - Grand Champion
1975 Brooklyn International Championships - Grand Champion
1975 Ik Jo Kang's Taekwondo Championship - NY - Grand Champion
1976 Howard Lee's Taekwondo Championships -Grand Champion
1976 Ki Chung Kim's Taekwondo Championships - Grand Champion
1976 Ki Chung Kim's Taekwondo Championships - First Place BlackBelt Forms
1975 Ki Chung Kim's Taekwondo Champs .(Master's Division) - Grand Champion
1977 Ki Chung Kim's Taekwondo Champs. - Grand Champion
1978 Member / AAU "All American Men's Tae Kwon Do Team"  
1978 National A.A.U. Taekwondo Championships (Hvy-Gold)
1978 All American Open (Madison Square Garden) Second Place - Forms
1979 National A.A.U. Taekwondo Championships (Hvy-Silver)
1975 Becomes a member of the AAU All American Tae Kwon Do Team
1975 First and only person to receive the distinction of "1975 All American" under
the seperate category Tae kwon do Blackbelt" by the Amateur Athletic Union of the
United States
Competitor / 2nd World Taekwondo Championships - Korea 1975
Competitor / Pre-World Games - Seoul Korea 1978
Grand Champion Henry Cho's All American Open 1978 (MSG)
First athlete to introduce A.A.U. Taekwondo program to public in a major
martial arts magazine / Karate Ilustrated 1980 - "Will Taekwondo Rules Prevail?"
1st player appointed to position of "Athlete's Representative" / AAU Taekwondo - 1975
Featured in Traditional Taekwondo Magazine in Vol 2 No.2 -1975