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2007 Ceremony Photos

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  Great Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi
     Receives Taekwondo's Highest Honor

           World's most senior Tae kwon do proponent Great Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi (left)
           being inducted into the T
E ® Presentation made by World
           TaeKwon-do Alliance Executive VP GM Scott
McNeely - Photo by Mark Williams

April 6th, 2007

Major Nam Tae Hi  Chief instructor of the Vietnamese Army in the early 60's is
known as the "Father of Taekwon-Do" in Vietnam - Courtesy of GM Kim Bok Man

 Kim Bok Man
Technical Director

 Joe Corley
Master of Ceremonies


Mitchell Bobrow
Hon. .Banquet Chairman


George Vitale
Special Advisor


Hass Raferty
Special Coordinator


                                                                                                                             Photo by GM Kim Pyung Soo

Grandmasters Inducted Into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame ®

Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha, Senior V.P.
International Taekwon-do Federation

Grand Master Cho Sang Min
Founder of Taekwondo in Brazil

Grand Master Young ILKong
President World Taekwon-Do Alliance


GM Rhee Ki Ha
Pioneer of Taekwon-do in
Republic. of Ireland , United Kingdom and Northern Ireland

About GM  Rhee Ki Ha

GM Dong Keun Park

6 Time Korea National Champion

About GM DK Park

GM CK Choi, GM Dong Keun Park and GM Sang Min Cho - photo Mark Williams

GM Choi Keun Chang
Won 1st Korean Championship in 1962

About GM CK Choi

GM Sang Min Cho
Pioneer of TaeKwonDo In Brazil

About GM Sang Min Cho

Grand Master C.K.Choi
Champion of First Korean National Tournament

GM Choi Keun Chang, one of the earliest pioneers of TaeKwon-do is inducted into
the Taekwondo Hall of Fame as Great Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi the most senior living
pioneer applauds.   
Photo by Gentle East.Taekwond

General Choi Hong Hi with with Choi Keun Chang (third from left) and members
of the I.T.F. demonstarion team on tour in Malta and other countries in Europe


GM Kong Young II
President of World Taekwon-Do Alliance
Pioneer of TaeKwon-Do
About GM Kong Young II


Master John Holloway, Master Ramiro Guzman, GM Dong Keun Park and  GM George Anderson

Allen Steen
"Pioneer of  Tae Kwon Do In Texas"

Allen Steen was recognized for being one of the "Best Fighters
of the '60.s".  In addition to hosting one of the most prestigious
tournaments in the early days, he was responsible for the intro-
duction, developement, and spread of Tae Kwon Do throughout
Texas and the entire South-West Umited States.

Y.J. Chang


 GrandMaster Y.J.Chang

Bernard Kerik pays special tribute to his instructor

Police Commisioner Bernard Kerrik (ret.) and a very proud Mrs Laura Chang and her boys
Commisioner Kerik studied with Grandmaster Y.J. Chang while stationed in Korea in the '70's

Kim Bok Man played a key role in spreading Taekwon-do
throughout Southeast Asia in the late 50's and 60's.

Performing in Indonesia with Woo Jae Lim in 1968

               with President Ferdinand Marcos at Malacanang Palace in 1970

Jhoon Rhee
"Pioneer of Tae Kwon Do In the US"


GM Rhee with Muhammad Ali


GM Rhee (back to camera) with  Gen. Choi, Congressmen and Senators

Greatest USA Fighters of the 60's

en R. Steen, Skipper Mullins, Mitchell Bobrow of Otomix and Joe Corley (Lifetime
Achievement Inductee)
were inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame
The historic ceremony
was held Friday April 6th, 2007.  Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee is center. -  
Photo by Mark Williams

Mitchell Bobrow
More on Bobrow

Keynote Speaker GM Jhoon Rhee with Jack and Mitchell Bobrow

                                                                       Photos by Jack Bobrow

  Jeff Smith
Pioneer Full Contact Champion

Bernard Kerik and Jeff Smith



1973 USA Taekwondo Team
Silver Medalists
1st World Taekwondo Championships - Seoul Korea

Mike Warren, Fred Absher, Joseph Hayes, Albert Cheeks, Jim Butin and Coach David Kim - Photo by Basilio Falcinelli

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photo by Master John Holloway

1973 USA Team entering the Kukkiwon at 1st World Taekwondo Championships

The Royal 1973 Taekwondo Team in Royal Blue
- Photo by Ian  J. CO

L-R  Fred Absher, Albert Cheeks, Mike Warren, David Kim (Coach), Joseph Hayes and Jim Butin

FFred Absher at the 1st World Taekwondo Championships in 1973




Masrter Mounir Ghrawi
i(UAE), GM Jhoon Rhee (USA), Master Roy Washington  (Virgin Islands),
GM Kim Bok Man, (Southeast Asia), and GM Dong Keun Park (Thailand)
) Not Shown GM Cho
Sang Min (Brazil) and Master Benny Rivera (Puerto Rico)    -  
Photo Mark Williamss

 Master John Holloway, Masrer Ramiro Guzman, GM Dong Keun Park, and Master George
 Anderson.   Not Shown - GM Nam Tae Hi, GM CK Choi, GM Cho Sang Min, GM Yong ll Kong,
 and Master Joe Corley  -  
Photo by Mark Williams

Ramiro Guzman
Lifetime Acheivement Award
Mexico's First World Taekwondo Champion

SBN Pilar Leguel, SBN F. Bonsignore, SBN Ramiro Guzman and SR. Ruben Guzman

Photo by SBN Pilar Leguel

Cesar Rodriquez Luna
Mexico / Pioneer Instructor of the Year
2 Time World Championship Silver Medalist - 1982 /'83

TaekMaster Cesar Rodriquez in Iceland

GM Skipper Mullin, GM Jhoon Rhee,
GM Kim Soo & Shihan GaryAlexander

 GM Allen R. Steen, GM Kim Soo and
 GM Skipper Mullins

Master Fred Absher, SBN Pilar Leguel,
GM Kim Soo and SBN Ramiro Guzman

GM Kim Soo and GM Chuck Stepan

Mr. & Mrs Rhee & GM Kim Soo

GM Kim Bok Man and GM Kim Soo

Michael Warren
"Legendary Player"

    Like Pele of soccer, Mike Warren is considered by many to be Taekwondo's best
     technical player of all time.  He is the only player to this day to have excelled under
     traditional  point system, PKA full contact, and Olympic style competition rules.
     More on Michael Warren


  Mitchell Bobrow and Joe Corley with the mike between them kept the evening running
  smoothly. They were also principal inductees in the historic event.

Standing - Joe Corley, Jeff Smith, Nia Abdallah,Mounir Ghrawi, Sgt Louis Davis, Allen Steen, Arlene Limas, Skipper Mullins, Roy Washington and Mitchell Bobrow.
Seated - Cho Sang Min, Young ll Kong, Jim Butin, Fred Absher, Kim Soo, Joseph Hayes, David Kim, Mike Warren and Rhee Ki Ha   -   Photo by Ian J. CO

 The induction of Ramiro Guzman, Jeff Smith, Jim Butin, Skipper Mullins, Allen Steen, Fred Absher on the same evening contributed
 to transforming a memorable occasion into the most prestigious event in United.States Taekwondo history . - Photo by Pilar Leguel

The "Pioneer Champions" of Canada

Ray Nikel and Dawn Lefebrvre

Canada's Dawn Lefebvre, Ray Nikiel, Darrel Henegan and Stan Nikiel

Darrel Henegan
"North American Player"

Canada's most decorated and versatile fighter Darrel Henegan was the first
North American to defeat Korea to win gold in a World Championship

More On Darrel Henegan
About Darrel Henegabn


Stan Nikiel assisted Chong Soo Lee the "Pioneer of Taekwondo in Canada"
in the fiirst ever Taekwondo demonstration held in Canada. The location was
the magnificnt Korean Pavillion at EXPO67, the World's Fair in Montreal 1967

t the

  Pioneer Instructor Inductee Benny Rivera, President of the Puerto Rico Taekwon-do
  Federation and Leadership Inductee Dr. Andy Mencia, President of the
United States
  of America National TaeKwon-Do Federation (USANTF)   Photos by Mario J. Liriano


Kim Pyung Soo
Journalist / Historian Award

              Full Contact Pioneer Inductee Jeff Smith, Darrell Henegan,  former NYC
                   Police Commisioner Bernard Kerik and Joe Corley
 -  Photos by D. Henegan


"Female Player of the Year" Nia Abdallah & "North American
Player of the Year" Darrell Henegan  -  Photo by Darrell Henegen

David Kim

   Master David Kim, Coach of the USA Taekwondo Team that competed in the 1st World Taekwondo
   Championships held in Seoul, Korea in 1973 & Master John Holloway.  Master John Holloway was the
   first competitor to have medaled in an ITF and WTF World championships as well as the first athlete to
   be elected to a Taekwondo NGB (USA) position .  He recently attended 2007 World Taekwondo
   Championships which were held in Beijing. -
photo by Gentle East Taekwondo

Coach David Kim Standing 3rd from right with Silver medal USA Team at the
historic 1973 1st World Taekwondo Championship held in Seoul, Korea. The
trophy is being held by Fred Absher.

Mike Warren with Joseph Hayes’ former students (L-R)
   Phil Arroyo, Frank Calderon and Angel Valle Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Quzandor Headen students of Master George
Somersall (center)

       Master George Somersall (r) relaxing with one of
        his students

Joseph Hayes with his former students Angel Valle Jr.
and Carlos Quinones (center rear)

Master George Somersall, Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee & US
Army Sgt. Louis Davis

Bernard Floyd, Michael  Warren, Joseph  Hayes, Albert
Cheeks, and Alex Emerling.
            Master George Somsersall and students

Joseph Hayes (center) with his former students from
(L to R) Frank Calderon, Carlos Quinones, Alex Amerling
and Angel Valle Jr.

                Students of Master George Somersall

Grand Master Mounir Ghrawi
Pioneer Taekwon-do Instructor in Saudi Arabia & UAEP

GM Mounir Ghrawi, Pioneer Taekwon-do Instructor in Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates is
inducted into the TAEKWONDO HALL OF FAME
® as Great Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi observes.

More on GM Mounir Ghrawi               Photo by Master George Vitale

  with General Choi in 1990

Master Gwari who wrote the first book on Taekwon-do in Arabic
language with awards presented to him by General Choi and others

                             More on GM Mounir  Ghrawi

Puerto Rico Team of the Year

GM Rhee Ki Ha with Master Benny Rivera whose students were awarded "Puerto Rico Team of the Year"

                                                                                                                                                         Photo by Master Benny Rivera

Perhaps the most historic photo in the history of Taekwon-do. The early pioneers GM Nam Tae Hi, GM Rhee Ki,, GM CK Choi, GM Young II Kong, GM Kim Soo,
and GM Jhoon Rhee join Mike Warren, Skipper Mullins, Allen Steen, the Great Ramiro Guzman of Mexico and other pioneers, champions and leaders in a celebratory
photo at the Taekwondo Hall of Fame ® Ceremony held April 6th, 2007 in the USA  - photo above by Master Benny Rivera

  photo by David Smith 

US Army Lt Col. Terry Truett assists with the "award of recogniton" given
to Sgt. Louis Davis
Sgt. Davis will serve as technical advisor to the
Taekwondo Hall of Fame ®  .- Photo by Mario
Sgt. Davis throws a perfectly timed spimning back kick which catches his
opponnent completely by surprise at the Commanders's Cup Championship
held in Korea in 2005. -  Photo by Sgt Louis Davis

...with Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee the US-ROK Army Taekwondo Freindship Competition in Korea

Sgt. Louis Davis & World Champion / North American Player of the Year
Darrell Henegan
-  Photo by Darrell Henegan

GM Chuck Stepan

USA Journalist Chuck Stepan being inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame
as lengendary Taekwon-do pioneer Great Grandmaster Nam Tae Hi looks on
photo by Gentle East Taekwondo

William Sullivan

                                                                                                                                                                                          Photos by Ian J. CO


Jeff Smith
"Full Contact Pioneer"

 During the Earky 70's Jeff Smith distinguished himself as being one of the greatest full contact fighters of all time. In addition
 to defending his full contact world tittle four times, he introduced the world to full contact karate when he soundly defeated
a very capable Karriem Allah in a grueling 11 round match which was seen by millions of viewers world-wide as part of the
1975 Muhammad Ali vs Joe Frazier "Thrilla in Manilla".   Jeff Smith was also inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame as
well as being the recipient of the coveted Bruce Lee Award.   Jeff Smith was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame
with the presentation being made by his close friend Bernard Kerik, NewYork City Police Commisioner (Retired).
photo by Gentle East Taekwondo

Sarah Chung
"Malaysia's Legendary Player"

Perhaps the greatest Malaysian player of all time.  From 1980 to 1996 Sarah Chung dominated
the competition in four weight cartegories from bantam to heavweight.  On April 6th, 2007 she
was inducted into the Taekwondo Hall of Fame as "Pioneer Female Player of Malaysia."
Bottom right : Sarah receives the
Ahli-Mangku Negara designation by The Majesty King of Malaysia.

Christopher Canning
1st Recipient
Taekwondo Hall of Fame ®
  "Youth Excellence Award"  
About Christopher Canning


Taekwondo Hall of  Fame Inductee Master John Holloway with "M-Team"
photo by Gentle East Taekwondo

   Taekwondo Hall of  Fame Inductee Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee with "M-Team"

2007 Ceremony Photos


2009 Ceremony Photos



 2. ARGENTINA - Osvaldo Ríos Olivero Está en el Salón de la Fama -  SANTIAGO DEL ESTERO

3. ARGENTINA - Ríos Olivero entró en el Salón de la Fama por su destacado liderazgo

P4. MEXICO - Pilar Leguel - Por primera vez, una deportista mexicana entrará al Salón

5. NIGERIA - Another Featther For a Humnble Nigerian - Chika Chukwumerije

CROATIA - Miroslav Brežan i Marijeta Željkovic primljeni u "Kucu slavnih"

7. ICELAND -Sigursteinn Snorrason In Taekwondo Hall of Fame

8. SURINAME - Kevin Fernald krijgt award van Taekwondo Hall of Fame

9. ARGENTINA - Golpe de Fama - Adolfo Villanueva - EL TRIBUNE

10. ICELAND - Sigursteinn og Snorri í Frægðarhöll Taekwondo

211. ARGENTINA - Villanueva forma parte del Salón de la Fama

  12. PERU- Peruano ingresa al Salón de la Fama del Taekwon-do

   13. GERMANY- Sunny Graff  Mitglied in der Hall of  Famee

 14. INDIA - Jimmy Jagtiani The Times of India

15. GERMANY - Sunny Graff in Hall of Fame



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 International Taekwon-Do Federation

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"History of Taekwondo"

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Jhoon Rhee Allan Steen, Mitchell Bobrow,
Skipper Mullins, & Joe Corley inducted

David Askinas CEO / USAT Taekwondo


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