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World Cup`s Greatest 11

Great footage of the best players in the world from 1958-1978
including Yashin, Banks, Muller, Jairzinho, Garrincha, Pele, Cruyff
and Beckenbauer. A feast of great highlights.

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Summary: This tape shows 42 of the greatest players who played in the 1958-1978 World Cup's, compares them by position and selects the best 11. What makes it so good is that it shows the highlights of some of the best players to ever play soccer. It is very well done and entertaining, and you can learn a lot from watching this tape. Over 120 goals are shown, as well as great defense and goalkeeping. Watching this tape will give you insight into what makes some soccer players great and shows that great players come in all sizes. Players shown include Pele, Johan Cruyff, Michel Platini, Garrincha, Bobby Charlton, Franz Beckenbauer, Gerd Muller, Paul Breitner, Eusebio, Gaetano Scirea, Djalma Santos, Juste Fontaine, Helmut Rahn, Vava, Florian Albert, Ferenc Puskas, Bobby Moore, Carlos Alberto, Daniel Passarella, Didi, Johan Neeskens, Teofilo Cubillas, Rivelino, Jairzinho, Paolo Rossi, Mario Kempes, Uwe Seeler and Rudi Krol. And four great goalkeepers (Lev Yashin, Gordon Banks, Sepp Maier and Dino Zoff). As you watch, you can see the progression in the quality of play. By 1974-78, the play is spectacular even by today's standards. The analysis of what makes a great player (especially defenders) is insightful. Many of the players shown would be superstars today. Watching the superstars is very interesting. Many, such as Pele, Breitner and Garrincha, have huge natural athletic ability, but others such as Gerd Muller (one of the greatest scorers ever) became great by playing tough and smart. In fact, most of these superstars were tough (in those days the play was actually more physical than today, with lots of dangerous play that would get a red card today). Watch for the "moves" that work the best (the simple body feint and change of speed seem to be the two that work best). Highlights are described below. This is one of our favorite videos. You can watch this time after time and learn a lot from it.


Highlights (in order of appearance in the video) include:

1. Juste Fontaine, who scored a record 13 goals in the 1958 World Cup. He was a great ball handler who would be a star today. The most famous French player.

2. Helmut Rahn (Germany 1954-58). He scores some of the best long goals you have ever seen. He had tremendous power and accuracy with curving shots. A big guy, but a very good dribbler.

3. Florian Albert of Hungary was a great dribbler who demolished Brazil in 1966.

4.  Garrincha (the "Little Bird", Brazil 1958-66) was one of the greatest dribblers ever, but also a great scorer with headers and long drives. His real name was Manuel Francisco dos Santos; Garrincha (his nickname) means songbird. Only 5' 7" and born with deformed legs (the left one bent inwards and the right one was shorter and curved outwards), he was a soccer superstar who in 1998 was named to the World Team of the 20th Century. Brazil never lost a game when he and Pele played together. One of the best free kicks ever is shown.

5.  Uwe Seeler scoring with the most incredible header you have ever seen (no kidding, you won't believe it). Seeler is the only player besides Pele to score in 4 World Cups.

6.  Djalma Santos (Brazil 1958-66) played as a Fullback. His defensive containment and passing were fantastic (there are great clips of his play). An athlete on par with Pele. What a team Brazil had with he, Garrincha and Pele. If your son or daughter is a defender and age 12 or older, have them watch these highlights of Santos.

7. Franz Beckenbauer (The "Kaiser", Germany 1966-1974) is considered to be one of the greatest players ever and is considered a soccer genius. He is known as the greatest Sweeper of all time and invented the role of the attacking sweeper by making long runs out of the back. The only man to win the World Cup as both a player and a manager. Watch his long runs out of the back to score.

8.  The clips of Paul Breitner (Germany 1974-78) are spectacular. Although a defender, his dribbling, runs and shooting are breathtaking.

9.  Bobby Moore (England, 1962-70) doesn't look as smooth as Santos, but his passing was great and his tackling was sure. His tackles against Pele and Jairzinho in 1970 were fantastic. Captain of the 1966 team that won the World Cup.

10. Carlos Alberto (Brazil). His goal in 1970 against Italy is called the greatest of all time. (We think they mean the build up of the goal more than the shot).

11.Gaetano Scirea (Italy 1978). Great shots from 25-30 yards out. He was a sweeper who would be a star today and could play defender, midfield or forward for any team.

12. Bobby Charlton (England 1962-70). One of the greatest center midfielders and a hero when England won the World Cup in 1966. Some great long power shots are shown, including one of his most famous goals. He was so good that Franz Beckenbauer was assigned to him as a dedicated marker in the 1966 Final and later said "England beat us in 1966 because Bobby Charlton was just a bit better than me". A member of the International Soccer Hall of Fame, he was knighted in 1994. He worked very hard as a youngster to have a quick burst of speed (he was an early practitioner of speed training and worked with his grandfather, who trained professional sprinters) and George Best said " I have never seen anyone go past players as easily as he did". Scored 245 goals for Manchester United, had 106 international "caps" (games in which he played for England) and scored 49 international goals.

13. Michel Platini (France 1978) - a great passer and ball handler.

14. Johan Cruyff (Holland 1974) was one of the greatest players ever. Many great clips of his dribbling skill including the "Cruyff Move"

15. Lev Yashin (The "Black Octopus", Soviet Union 1958-62). Yashin was tall and always wore black. One of the greatest Keepers, but we think Maier was better.

16. Gordon Banks (England 1966-70) was the Keeper when England won the World Cup in 1966, giving up only 3 goals. In 1970, he made a save on a header by Pele that is regarded the best save ever (this is shown). They said that when he was in the goal it was "as safe as the banks of England".

17. Sepp Maier (the W. German Keeper from 1970-78) is fantastic. He was thin and unathletic-looking, but very brave, with quick reflexes and made great decisions about when to come out of the goal. He would get our vote for the best ever. His play had a lot to do with W. Germany winning the 1974 World Cup. (Of course, it didn't hurt that Beckenbauer, Muller and Breitner were on that team).

18. Eusebio (Portugal 1966) was one of the greatest forwards to ever play.

19 Teofilo Cubillas (Peru 1970-78). Magic. A great finisher.

20. Rivelino (Brazil 1970-74). Great clips including an amazing free kick around a wall and one thru the wall where his teammate ducks.

21 JAirzinho (Brazil 1966-74). Incredible skill and speed. Played with Pele and Rivelino. 6 great goals are shown, including one where he dribbles thru 3 defenders. In the 1970 World Cup he scored in every round and the final, the first time that was ever done. He would be a superstar today. We think he is better than Ronaldo.

22. Mario Kempes (Argentina 1974-78). A tough, fast striker who led Argentina to winning the 1978 World Cup. Played superbly in heavy traffic in the Penalty Box.

23. Gerd Muller ("Der Bomber", W. Germany 1970-74) was short and stocky but played extremely well in front of the goal. He was always in the right place and was known as the "ultimate goal mouth predator". He holds the record for the most goals in World Cup history (14).

24. Pele (Brazil 1958-1970) is generally recognized as the best soccer player ever. 10 of his goals are shown but what makes him great is that he was the total package. A fantastic athlete. This tape includes some of his most famous footage that clearly shows his greatness. Over 4 minutes of Pele highlights.

Order of appearance of players in the video: Silvio Piola, Ademir, Sandor Kocsis, Juste Fontaine, Helmut Rahn, Ferenc Puskas, Vava, Florian Albert, Garrincha, Uwe Seeler, Djalma Santos, Franz Beckenbauer, Paul Breitner, Rudi Krol, Bobby Moore (minute 26:50), Carlos Alberto, Daniel Passarella, Gaetano Scirea, Giuseppe Meazza, Juan Schiaffino, Fritz Walter, Nils Liedholm, Didi, Pak Doo-Ik, Bobby Charlton, Johan Neeskens, Michel Platini, Johan Cruyff (minute 44), Wilhelm Schrojf, Lev Yashin, Antonio Carbajal, Gordon Banks, Sepp Maier, Dino Zoff, Eusebio (minute 58), Teofilo Cubillas, Rivelino, Jairzinho, Paolo Rossi, Mario Kempes, Gerd Muller and Pele (minute 71:30).

World Cup`s Greatest XI

Great footage of the best players in the world from 1958-1978
including Yashin, Banks, Muller, Jairzinho, Garrincha, Pele, Cruyff,
and Beckenbauer. A feast of great highlights.

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